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Dual SB12-NSD

Can your system benefit from running multiple subwoofers?

Our resident subwoofer guru, Ed Mullen, has written an excellent article highlighting the benefits of running multiple subwoofers in your system. Whether you're craving extra headroom for that demanding playback, or looking to get a more even frequency response throughout your room, anyone can benefit from running multiple subwoofers.

Check out all the details in Ed's Why Go Dual?article!!

Read more.
audioholics cert-lrg
Audioholics gives the PB12-NSD another great review!

Audioholics' resident subwoofer testing aficionado, Josh Ricci, recently got a chance to give his impressions of the latest iteration of the PB12-NSD. Josh was very impressed with our little ported powerhouse, stating "...the PB12-NSD fires on all cylinders and provides a bulletproof, low distortion bottom end. $769 shipped to your door is a bargain price for this kind of all around performance."

It ultimately earned the Audioholics Bassaholic seal of approval!

Read the whole review by Josh Ricci at Audioholics Online A/V Magazine
PB12NSD Charcoal ISO w grill on whitePB12-NSD shipping around the world!

Now shipping: It's been a long time coming, but true to our word the PB12-NSD is shipping to North American customers, and exclusive SVS dealers around the world. Typically ships next business day to USA customers from our headquarters in Ohio. Discover the bass you have been missing, the all new PB12-NSD is better than ever.
PB12NSD Charcoal ISO w grill on white
All new PB12-NSD goes on sale

A modern subwoofer legend returns after a one year hiatus. Among our most potent and famous SVS subwoofers ever introduced, the PB12-NSD stirred emotions from the very first review:

Veteran speaker tester Tom Nousaine said 5 years ago the new generation of SVS "Powered Box" subs "offers world class dynamics"

Professor of Music Ken Pohlmann went further still at Sound and Vision Magazine which graced the booths of CES 2007.

“…earth-shaking, deep bass…”
"...the subwoofer was as impressive on movies as it was with music."
"This (PB12-NSD) is one serious subwoofer."
Ken Pohlmann, Sound and Vision Magazine

Fast forward to 2011 -- the new PB12-NSD? Better than ever of course. Refined Sledge DSP amp, new light-weight aluminum-cone woofer combine to lay down more power, better controls, and smaller size. Plus it's quite a bit nicer looking too. With new proprietary 4" porting, and swanky precision-built grill it's the impeccably attired subwoofer that'll just happen to knock your socks too. The new SVS PB12-NSD, just our latest mark on the wall for the industry to match. It's the sub you want at only $769* shipping to your door! (*continental USA lower-48 states). Find out what a whole NEW generation of SVS Powered Box subs will do to your sound!

news 02Free shipping now included with SVS products!
SVS prices now include shipping! Our new final price is the same or less than the old price + shipping. You, our customers told us you prefer to see one price with shipping included, just so there are no surprises during check-out, and we listened! So starting today, customers will see one convenient low price with shipping included for the best subwoofers and speakers money can buy!