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"SVS, long known for its outstanding subwoofers, knocked it out off the park on sound and build quality with the high-value, full-range Ultra speaker line."
Sound & Vision Magazine - Top Pick, 2013
Ultra Tower parent
Ultra Tower / $999.00
The flagship Ultra Tower delivers a thrilling audio experience rivalling speakers costing thousands more. Imposing at 45" tall with a unique upswept trapezoidal shape, the handsome Ultra Tower creates a dramatic visual statement, making it the centerpiece of any high-end stereo or home theater system. Equipped with the absolute highest quality drivers, and a unique and highly sophisticated 3.5 way crossover network, the Ultra Tower has a coherent and palpable soundstage, incredible resolution, complete transparency, and amazingly rich, deep and articulate bass response, thanks to dual opposing 8" woofers.

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Ultra Bookshelf parent
Ultra Bookshelf / $499.00
Sure to thrill serious music aficionados, the Ultra Bookshelf immediately joins the most highly-regarded 2-way monitors on the market. This emotionally involving speaker delivers precise imaging, an amazingly wide and stable soundstage, rich and compelling tonal balance and surprisingly deep and dynamic bass. Reference-grade bookshelf monitors have always held a warm spot in the heart of any serious audiophile, and the Ultra Bookshelf sets a new standard for performance in its class.
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Ultra Center parent
Ultra Center / $699.00
The 3-way Ultra Center anchors the front stage and immerses the listener in the cinema experience, effortlessly handling the most complex and dialogue-intensive scenes. Delivering stunning realism, room-filling presence, natural vocal reproduction and outstanding dialogue intelligibility, the Ultra Center will be the foundation of your high-end home theater.

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Ultra Surrounds parent
Ultra Surround / $599.00
High-definition movie and multi-channel music soundtracks demand a high-performance surround speaker. The Ultra Surround rises to the challenge, delivering immersive and thrilling surround sound effects rivalling the finest commercial cinemas. For the ultimate in flexibility, the Ultra Surround was designed with dual isolated crossovers for each tweeter and woofer, and can operate in either bipole, dipole, or in SVS's unique Duet mode, which creates two separate speakers within one cabinet. In Duet mode, each speaker's two discrete channels allows listeners to implement a true 7.1-channel surround sound experience using only two Ultra Surround Speakers instead of the typical four.
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Mark Mason speaker designA Passion for Audio Excellence
Every aspect of the Ultra Speaker design was developed with extreme performance, stunning aesthetics and superb fidelity as the overriding priorities. The finest quality materials and components were used, with many parts being custom-designed exclusively for this application.
SVS Ultra Speaker designA Rigorous Research and Development Process
The Ultra Speakers were modeled using the most sophisticated engineering available, including finite element analysis(FEA) to optimize performance. Form follows function in the industrial design, so the striking appearance of the Ultra Speakers also greatly contributes to their amazing sound quality. Each speaker was refined after months of anechoic chamber and calibrated listening room measurements at the world-renowned National Research Council facilities in Canada.