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SVS Ultra Speaker packages are the foundation for your high-end home theater system! These amazing systems are timbre-matched for seamless panning effects between all channels, and deliver an immersive and three-dimensional soundstage for a thrilling home theater experience. Package pricing delivers big savings compared to purchasing individual components.
Ultra Systems
To add an SVS subwoofer to your Ultra Speaker package, please visit our Subwoofer webpage to browse models, consult with Merlin our speaker/subwoofer matching wizard, or contact our Customer Service team for expert advice and recommendations for your specific application.

Contact our Customer Service team for special pricing on additional pairs of the Ultra Surround or Ultra Bookshelf speakers for a 7 or 9 channel surround sound application.
Mark Mason speaker designA Passion for Audio Excellence
Every aspect of the Ultra Speaker design was developed with extreme performance, stunning aesthetics and superb fidelity as the overriding priorities. The finest quality materials and components were used, with many parts being custom-designed exclusively for this application.
SVS Ultra Speaker designA Rigorous Research and Development Process
The Ultra Speakers were modeled using the most sophisticated engineering available, including finite element analysis(FEA) to optimize performance. Form follows function in the industrial design, so the striking appearance of the Ultra Speakers also greatly contributes to their amazing sound quality. Each speaker was refined after months of anechoic chamber and calibrated listening room measurements at the world-renowned National Research Council facilities in Canada.