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A large part of the emotional impact and sheer excitement you feel in a home theater comes from the deep, accurate and powerful bass that only a great subwoofer can provide. And there are no better subs at any price than our world-renowned SVS subwoofers. Choose from the ultimate SVS Maximum Performance experience, or our surprisingly powerful SVS Compact Sealed designs, or our unique, proprietary SVS Cylinder design. Or let MERLIN, our speaker matching tool, show you the perfect SVS subwoofer for your exact speakers, regardless of their brand.
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Sealed Subwoofers
SB-1000 parent
SB-1000 / $499.99
Impressive deep, clean SVS-bass in an inconspicuous 13" cube.

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SB-2000 Parent
SB-2000 / $699.99
Sonic dynamite: quick, clean explosive bass in a compact 14.2” cabinet.
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SB13-Ultra parent
SB13-Ultra / $1,599.99
Ultimate SVS engineering: astonishing power, poetic nuance, all in a compact 17.4” form.
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Ported Subwoofers
PB-1000 - 110V
PB-1000 / $499.99
Deep bass that doesn't require deep pockets. The most forceful, detailed bass you can get for under $500.

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PB-2000 - 110V - Black Ash
PB-2000 / $799.99
From heroic slam to symphonic subtlety — SVS’s newest pumps out astounding precision, performance and value.
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PB12-Plus parent
PB12-Plus / $1,399.99
The subtleties of jazz, to the chest-crushing bazooka blasts of Hollywood blockbusters. All at a mid-level price.

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PB13-Ultra parent
PB13-Ultra / $1,999.99
Monstrous impact, yet delicate musical detail—the pinnacle of SVS technology and audio passion.

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Cylinder Subwoofers
PC-2000 parent
PC-2000 / $799.99
Calling this an ‘entry level cylinder’ is like getting in Subwoofer Tower on the 52nd floor. Surprising output, clarity and punch.
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PC12-Plus / $1,199.99
Musical and monstrous rolled into one. Spine-tingling depth and chest-thumping impact at cinema playback levels.

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PC13-Ultra / $1,699.99
The height of SVS performance. Iconic vertical design delivers ultimate bass with minimal footprint.

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We know that sometimes sorting out which subwoofer is just right for you can get confusing. That's why we're always here to answer your questions. Just call and we'd be delighted to share our knowledge and advise with you.

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