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  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Take Immersive Audio to New Heights

    Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® audio formats are pushing the boundaries of home theater and music beyond a single plane of...
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  • What is Stereo Imaging?

    A subject of endless debate among audiophiles is the question of, “What is great sound?” At SVS, we believe great...
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  • 4 Things to Listen for When Choosing the Best Sounding Speaker

    Hearing is subjective, meaning not everyone perceives sound from a speaker the same way. What sounds slightly shrill or bright...
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  • How to Make a Wired Subwoofer Wireless

    Adding a powered subwoofer is arguably the most noticeable and exciting upgrade you can make to a home theater or...
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  • 5 Tips For Pairing a Subwoofer with your Soundbar

    If you’ve chosen a soundbar for lifestyle reasons or to get better sound than what your TV speakers provide, a...
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Featured Artist Systems

SVS speakers and subwoofers are used in the personal audio systems of artists and sound professionals who demand the highest level of performance and understand the role great sound plays in conveying the emotion and realism of music, movies, TV and other entertainment.

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Nothing excites us more than hearing from SVS owners about their systems! We’re proud to showcase real home theaters and talk to SVS speaker and subwoofer owners about their passion for great sound and why having an immersive audio escape is important to them.