General Press Reviews

  • Soundstage Reviews SB-2000 Pro

    "Ridiculously impressive -- very fast, very tight, and very deep, with enough output to fill my room. Difficult to believe such a small box was delivering such impressive bass."

  • Stereonet Reviews PB-4000

    "Exemplary…The best subwoofer for the money I’ve auditioned in the last decade."

  • EISA Reviews SB-3000

    "A concrete fist inside a velvet glove, SVS subwoofers are fit for the finest of home theaters."

  • PC World Reviews SB16-Ultra

    "Bass notes were veritable subsonic bass-infused depth charges…The pristine clarity and authority was awe inspiring…Best subwoofer I’ve heard."

  • Home Theater Rev Reviews SB16-Ultra

    "It’s a whole different category of low-frequency sound, may well be the greatest subwoofer ever made."

  • Sound & Vision Reviews PB-2000 Pro

    "Smile-inducing bass, the kinetic energy reached deafening reference listening levels…My jaw was stuck ajar. Highly Recommended."

  • AV Forums Reviews 2000 Pro Series

    "The kind of forceful, yet detailed bass that we would expect from more powerful and certainly more expensive subwoofers."

  • Digital Trends Reviews SB16-Ultra

    "If there is a more perfect subwoofer in production today, we haven’t heard it."

  • Stereophile Reviews SB-3000

    "Pitch-perfect, detailed, fast bass, and enough power to function in my large listening room. Reproduced the deepest notes with mass and solidity. No muddying of the clarity and transparency of the highs. The dynamics ranged from soft murmurs to a thunderous rumble. A Class A component if ever there was one."