General User Reviews

  • Ryan M. Reviews SB-1000

    "The accuracy and amount of bass put out by this thing is incredible. For being as small as it is, it has no issue filling the room. Highly recommended!"
    - Ryan M.
  • Frank E. Reviews PB-3000

    "Super powerful, fast transitions. These can bring the house down for HT if you really want them to. App is intuitive and plenty of adjustment options."
    - Frank E.
  • Pone V. Reviews PB-2000 Pro

    "These things rock!! They breathe out all types of low notes for movies and music. Love the app too, very convenient. Thank you undeniably amazing products and service!!"
    - Pone V.
  • Mark G. Reviews SB-2000 Pro

    "I’ve owned many subwoofers above this price range. None can touch SVS. I am blown away by the accuracy, huge soundstage and magical imaging."
    - Mark G.
  • Tony D. Reviews PB-3000

    "SVS customer service is incredible. From the first email I sent to the final system update, they were helpful every step of the way. I’m a customer for life!"
    - Tony D.
  • Geoff H. Reviews SB-1000

    "Unlike any subwoofer I have ever heard. Both music and movies come alive with depth and clarity I’ve never experienced."
    - Geoff H.
  • A. Flores Reviews PB-1000

    "Massive, pristine sound. I never dreamed the level of performance was possible at this price. Easily the best home theater purchase I’ve ever made!"
    - A. Flores