2000 Series Subwoofers Causing Tremors Throughout Audio World

A little-known fact about the 2000 Series Subwoofers: our engineers burned through 17 driver prototypes before we had a design that could handle every watt of the Sledge amplifier’s more than 1300 watts of peak power. The goal was to create a subwoofer line-up that could easily outperform bigger, more expensive models in every performance category. And based on recent reviews, the critics agree.

If you’re considering the benefits of better bass, judge the 2000 Series Subwoofers alongside your own gear with our 45 Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial.

“…the PB-2000 didn't just reproduce the notes, it almost felt like the big woofers in a good club P.A. system, with effortless, raw physical power and nary a trace of distortion."


“The SVS PC-2000 will provide the dynamic low frequency punch every good home theater needs...it will get your house shaking… easily makes our recommended list.”


“I've seen a few recent articles discussing ‘Happiness in life comes from experiences, not from things.’ I bought this thing [PB-2000], and, every time I sit down to watch anything, I get an experience.”

Customer Review, JTCA

“This is what having a sealed subwoofer is all about, audio purists will cry tears of joy at its lightning fast accuracy… it’s hands down one the best sealed woofers we’ve ever heard!”


“SVS is offering technology normally reserved for subwoofers two or three times the asking price of 2000 series.”


“The SB-2000 was a game changer for my home theater. There was an added weight and realism to the entire presentation that was just not there before.”


SVS will be hosting a night of immersive audio experiences and home theater education on March 24 from 5:30-8:30 p.m with our partners from HiFi Sales, located in Cherry Hill, NJ. SVS president, Gary Yacoubian, will be in attendance to share pulse-racing live demos of the SB-2000 and SB13-Ultra Subwoofers, Prime Series Speakers and more.

We’ll also be giving away SVS Sound R|Evolution t-shirts and several products worth over $2,000, so reserve a space for yourself at this VIP event soon.

This featured SVS home theater showcases natural style elements paired with the considerable brawn of an SVS 5.2 home theater system. Check out the deep impact dual PB-2000 subwoofers had for this homeowner and how it causes goosebumps.

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Apr 14, 2017