SVS - 5 Benefits of Running Dual Subwoofers & Stunning 5.1 Apartment Featured Home Theater

Plus, Prime Pinnacle racks up another award and tips on cleaning your piano gloss speakers.
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Prime Elevation
Comparing the direct radiating SVS Prime Elevation speakers to both ceiling bounce and in-ceiling height effects speakers, the hardened critics at top audiophile site AVS Forum concluded:
“The Prime Elevations sound better than any reflected-sound elevation speakers. Plus, they do it at a lower price. They also beat the sound of in-ceiling speakers. Their performance and price make them a top choice for getting the most out of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D.”
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Prime Pinnacle
In a detailed review featuring extensive measurements and critical listening, the notoriously picky HiFi Choice Magazine gave its top award to the SVS Prime Pinnacle Tower speaker, showering it with this praise:
“Just svelte enough to slip into all but the smallest rooms, and undemanding when it comes to placement, these floorstanders have clear all-round appeal, matched by a big, crowd-pleasing performance. Music driven by bass and percussion is their bread and butter, but there's a sweeter side that makes them more than competitive. Prime Pinnacle will have your system glowing.”
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SB-4000 Subwoofer
The top audio review site in Russia, AV Report, brought in the SVS SB-4000 subwoofer for testing and discovered all the qualities of a world-class subwoofer, proclaiming:
Brutal, but beautiful in its own way. Deep, smooth and superbly fast bass. Potent, clear and energetic with movies and pristinely natural with music. Output from the SB-4000 is so seamlessly and inconspicuously stitched with the voices of speakers it provides a clear transfer of details and an accurate attack. A rare quality for a subwoofer.”
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New SVS Sound Experts Infographic.
See Going Dual Infographic
We’ve been noticing a major push of home audio fans upgrading their systems by adding a second (or third or fourth) subwoofer and the SVS Sound Experts are always getting asked about the acoustic benefits. To help explain more visually, we created an infographic that shows upside of running dual subwoofers.
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Go Dual and Save
See Cleaning Tips
The Piano Gloss Black and White finish on SVS speakers and subwoofers gives products a stunning high-end look that complements the amazing sound. There’s no shame in wanting to keep the cabinets looking their best so we compiled our best tips for cleaning and maintaining the premium speaker finish.
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Featured SVS Owner System:
Modern Apartment Transformed into Immersive Audio Retreat.
See Steve’s System
Seeking an escape from the grind of everyday life, SVS featured system owner, Steve S., sought a home audio system that emphasized clarity and detail while providing enough low end to energize his space without getting him evicted. After upgrading to a 5.1 SVS Ultra Speaker and SB-1000 subwoofer system with SoundPath Ultra Cables, his apartment home theater delivers everything he wants and more.
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Featured @SVS_Sound Instagram Post
Big sound love to our new partners @audio.advice in #northcarolina who received their first SVS speaker and subwoofer delivery! Looking forward to getting the demo room live and thumping! Until then, stay tuned for exclusive content coming soon on their site.

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Jun 12, 2020