Prime Pinnacle Best in 2019 AVS Forum Speaker Rankings & Top Hip Hop Basslines from SVS Community

Also, what to listen for when choosing speakers and SVS accused of Voodoo magic.
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AVS Forum reviews more speakers per year than almost any other site, balancing a mix of the high-end with more budget-oriented loudspeaker models. For this reason, we’re thrilled to learn that the Prime Pinnacle tower was honored as the #1 reviewed speaker in 2019 so far, the second major site to make that declaration in the last 30 days (see Sound & Vision article).
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Check out Bass Bangers Playlist
We recently asked the SVS Facebook and Instagram communities what hip hop and rap tracks they turn up when showing off the skills of their SVS subwoofer, and the response was overwhelming! We’ve narrowed the list down to 100 Hip Hop “Bass Bangers” so you can enjoy all the dancefloor-shaking, room-rumbling fun on your system at home.
Check out Bass Bangers Playlist
Read Positive Feedback Review
The highly discerning reviewers from popular audiophile site Positive Feedback brought in dual SB-3000s to provide the low end in an extreme high-end stereo system, playing strictly music. No surprise, the newest SVS sealed subwoofers starred center stage.

Changed my expectation of what can be accomplished in a $1K subwoofer and was the perfect complement to my system. Once you hear the expanded soundstage, and all the weight, punch, and rich textures missing from the music, you'll never want to go back. The SB-3000 is diminutive in size, with the heart of a lion. An ideal solution for reference bass in audiophile music systems. Highly recommended.”
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What are the 4 things?
What are the 4 things?
SVS President Gary Yacoubian shares insights in video and blog post.
What are the most important things to listen for when choosing loudspeakers? In this blog post and video, SVS President Gary Yacoubian offers tips for choosing your perfect speakers based solely on sound quality. If you’ve never heard SVS speakers, you can listen for these qualities in your personal system using our 45-day trial with free shipping and returns, all from the comfort of your favorite sweet spot.
What to Listen For?
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Dumbfounded by the result from installing an SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System on his SB-2000, owner Charley C. directed a startling accusation towards our engineers in his review after some pesky room rattles he was dealing with for years disappeared instantly.

“I love my SB-2000 sub in my home office. Once the volume becomes moderately loud, the bass causes things to rattle in my office. The FRUSTRATING thing was the ceiling light fixture! Also, there is a wood panel on my office desk that resonates at about 50 Hz. LOUDLY ! I was skeptical about these $50 "snake oil" rubber feet. Would they actually help!? I installed them (in less than 5 minute). Turned on the system. Cranked it up a bit on a Brian Bromberg track. NO RATTLES!! Cranked it up a little more...STILL no rattles. I don't know what kind of rocket science engineering, black magic and/or voodoo SVS uses, and I don't care! IT WORKS!!! If you have rattle problems, buy these! Well worth the cost!"
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@HiFiBrothers shows off the front stage of a stunning home theater anchored by SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers as the front L/Rs and Prime Elevation for height effects, amidst an impressive collection of movie memorabilia.
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Dec 16, 2019