January 2020: SVS BREAKING! Automatic Refunds for 60-Day Guaranteed Price Protection & End of Year Awards Flow In

Plus, 2000 Pro buzz and CES demo info.
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SVS Customer Bill of Rights
We’re making our SVS Customer Bill of Rights even more valuable to you by adding automatic refunds to the 60-Day Guaranteed Price Protection. If a product you purchased goes on sale for lower than your purchase price within 60 days, we will automatically refund the difference to your credit card or original payment method with no questions asked. We’ll notify you when the refund has been applied to keep things as simple as possible.

The SVS Customer Bill of Rights is a benefits package that makes it easy, risk-free and rewarding to be a lifelong SVS owner and you can see the full list of policies here.
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SVS Prime Pinnacle Earns Top Pick Status from Industry Critics.
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Since the day they launched, reviewers and people we’ve met at events have been more interested in Prime Pinnacle tower speakers than nearly any other product. It piqued a lot of curiosity about how far SVS has come as a speaker brand, and we’re incredibly proud of the result.  
SoundStage! Award
Top HiFi Site Soundstage Honors Prime Pinnacle with “Reviewers' Choice Award.”

Effortless dynamics…wonderfully articulate in their ability to convey detail while maintaining a full-bodied sound that envelops listeners in even large rooms. This speaker is ridiculously good. The SVS Prime Pinnacle is an important reminder that no one needs to spend a small fortune to achieve great sound. Bravo, SVS.”
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HTR Award
Experts from Home Theater Review Choose Prime Pinnacle for “Best of 2019 Award.”

Astounded me with their tight bottom end, impressive midrange, and holographic imaging capabilities, and more so with their impressive placement flexibility. I never felt the need for a separate subwoofer. Their well-controlled bass and three-dimensional midrange and treble resulted in a sound that was both authoritative and detailed.”
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Prime Pinnacles Soar with Top Pick Status from Sound & Vision.

“Low-end prodigies. Accurate and dynamic sound. Excellent imaging depth of field. With the Prime Pinnacle, SVS not for the first time draws a line in the sand on the Value/ Performance Beach and challenges all comers. I can recommend the company's new speakers, unreservedly.”
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S&V Award
World’s Largest AV Community, AVS Forum, Crowns Prime Pinnacle as “Top Choice 2019.”

“Pristine, detailed with an enveloping soundstage that transcends the boundaries of the room and has palpable three-dimensionality. I got chills and goosebumps. No doubt Prime Pinnacle is one of the top speakers of 2019.
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AVS Forum Award
Popular Audiophile Site Enjoy the Music Raves About Prime Pinnacle.

Offer a sense of refinement and harmonic complexity with amazing scale, rhythm, dynamics and real low end extension. Bass is clear, tight, deep and downright wondrous. The combination puts the Prime Pinnacles in a class by themselves.”
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SVS 3000 Series Are Most Awarded SVS Subwoofers of All-Time.
3000 Series Subwoofers
With every model, SVS strives to challenge expectations and push the boundaries of performance so more people than ever can enjoy world class audio experiences. We’re proud to say that after 2019, the 3000 Series subwoofers are the most awarded products in our company’s history.   
EISA Award
Consortium of 60+ AV Media Worldwide (EISA), Honor SB-3000 as World’s Best Subwoofer.

This dedicated bass-maker excels when it comes to depth, speed, control and slam. Movie soundtracks hit hard, while music playback benefits from nuanced, tight bass. For those seeking a sub offering both power and precision, the SB-3000 is difficult to resist.

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CES Award
SB-3000 Awarded CES Innovations Award by World’s Largest Technology Association (CTA).

“An innovation tour-de-force, the SVS SB-3000 goes where no subwoofer of its size or price has gone before. Awe-inspiring output and deep bass extension below 20Hz with stunning accuracy and refinement, all enhanced by the most advanced DSP and subwoofer app control technology ever used in a subwoofer.”

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S&V Award
Sound & Vision Names SB-3000 “2019 Top Pick of the Year Award” for Subwoofers.

“Performance was characterized by extreme low-frequency extension, massive output, and precision in transients. At one point I had to check my wiring to make sure I had disconnected my other four subwoofers—it was that impressive! Even at reference levels, the SB-3000 didn't break a sweat—each bass note hit with power, precision, and speed. It has no equal at its price.
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EISA Award
UK’s Top Audio Site AV Forums Honors SB-3000 with “Editor’s Choice Award.”

“It’s remarkable how deep and powerful the SB-3000 is considering its relatively small cabinet. However, it never loses its sense of timing and precision, delivering pin-point accuracy and plenty of speed. It retains a refinement and musicality that is genuinely excellent but still delivers seismic levels of low frequency energy.
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HTR Award
Leading Audio Site Home Theater Review Bestows SB-3000 with “Best of 2019 Award.”

“A seriously sophisticated audio device, one that can render subtle differences in bass inflection, but with the capacity to slam hard. The power of the sub comes on fast, in a violent way. I could feel the output through my chair with purpose and authority. If you're looking for state-of-the-art, high performing subwoofer, with small proportions; the SVS SB-3000 has no competition.

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Stereophile Award
World’s Most Trusted HiFi Magazine Stereophile Chooses SB-3000 for “Editor’s Choice Award.”

The sub-$1000 SB-3000 wins because it incorporates the technology of SVS's flagship SB16-Ultra, is user-friendly, produces highly musical, pitch-perfect, floor-shaking bass, and offers wireless connectivity and total smartphone control from my listening room seat.”

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AH Award
Audioholics Crowns PB-3000 with 2019 Product of the Year.

“Packs a massive punch. Its 800-watt power plant and special driver allow it a long throw with very linear excursion so it can move an unexpectedly large amount of air that translates into lots of bass from a little package, comparable to that of 15” subwoofers in our testing. In our time spent with the SB-3000, we found it to be a near-perfect marriage of manageable size, agreeable appearance, and serious performance.

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Stereophile Award
Global Audiophile Review Site Positive Feedback Gives SB-3000 Prestigious “Writer’s Choice Award.”

“These subs allowed me to discover low frequency information that let me appreciate compositions in a different way. Because the foundation became more accurate, pronounced, and coherent, the music just made more sense. The SVS subs enhanced my system in terms of soundstage, dynamics, and is the most cost-effective way I know of to transform your monitors or floorstanders into a full-range system.

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2000 Pro Series
It’s been less than a month, and the energy and excitement around the 2000 Pro Series subwoofer launch has been amazing. Below are some of the media clips from around the world.
Sound & Vision - SVS ‘Reimagines’ its Most Popular Subwoofers
Audioholics - SVS 2000 Pro Series Subwoofers Upgrade Performance & Features
Home Theater Review - SVS Updates Its Popular 2000 Series Subwoofer Lineup and Relaunches as 2000 Pro Series
AVS Forum - SVS 2000 Pro Series Subwoofers Announced
Residential Systems - SVS Launches 2000 Pro Series Subwoofers
Essential Install (UK) - SVS 2000 Pro Series Subs Under £1k
AV Hub (Australia) - SVS 2000 Pro Series Down Under
Inside CI - SVS 2000 Pro Subwoofers Rumble Deeper For Less
Home Cinema Choice - SVS announces new 2000 Pro Series of home cinema subwoofers
Channel News - SVS Launch Sub $2K Bluetooth Enabled Subwoofers
AV Nirvana - SVS Uncorks a December Surprise, Unveils 2000 Pro Series of Subwoofers!
Soundstage - SVS Drops New 2000 Pro Series Subwoofers
Stereonet (Australia) - SVS Reimagines Its Most Popular Subwoofers Of All Time
HDTV Polska (Poland) - SVS 2000 Pro Series – nowe subwoofery z wysokiej półki
AV Plus (Finland) - SVS esitteli parannetut 2000 Pro Series -sarjan subbarit
AV Magazine (Italy) - Subwoofer SVS 2000 Pro Series
HiFi Pig - SVS 2000 Pro Series Subs Are Sub £1k
SVS Events
Get ready Las Vegas, SVS is bringing heart-pounding, head-spinning two-channel and home theater surround sound systems to CES 2020 as we unleash the Sound R|Evolution to crowds at the world’s largest technology trade show. We’ll be featuring new 2000 Pro Series subwoofers, Prime Wireless, Prime Elevation for Dolby Atmos height effects and much more.

Here’s the rundown of demo systems and their locations so anyone attending can stop by and say hello!
Home Theater Room - Venetian Towers, Suite 29-122

5.2.2 Prime Speaker Surround System
2 x Prime Pinnacle (fronts)
Prime Center Speaker
2 x Prime Bookshelf (rear surround)
2 x Prime Elevation (height effects)
Dual PB-2000 Pro Subwoofers
2-Channel Stereo & Wireless Audio Room - Venetian Towers, Suite 29-124

Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System
Prime Wireless SoundBase
2 x Prime Pinnacle
2 x Ultra Bookshelf
SB-1000 Subwoofer
SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer
SB-3000 Subwoofer  
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Dual PB16-Ultra owner from the UK @allmypics13 shares his thoughts on the feeling he now has about his system, “I’ve had these subs for a few weeks now. Some would say they're overkill, I say they're absolutely incredible and have taken watching films and listening to music to the next level. It's hard to appreciate just how impressive they are unless you've heard and felt them yourself!”
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Jan 13, 2020