SVS SoundPath Accessories Blazing Trails Across Audio Universe

After fielding many requests for a versatile and user friendly speaker mounting solution, we engineered our own. The NEW! SoundPath Pivoting Wall/Ceiling Speaker Bracket’s intelligent design allows you to mount speakers nearly anywhere and provides 360° directional flexibility making it a great solution where any high performance wall or ceiling mount speaker is needed.

The new SoundPath bracket easily integrates with our Prime Satellite Speaker’s keyhole bracket for a simple and elegant solution with full pivoting action. The huge sounding Prime Satellite Speakers can play nearly any role in a home theater and the new bracket makes them more adaptable than ever.

The vision for our SoundPath line has always been to create audio accessories that unleash the full sonic potential of your system, without charging outlandish prices for “snake oil” science, or, forcing you to settle for cheap, second-rate accessories that keep your system from performing its best. Seems we got it right as these recent cable reviews can attest.

SoundPath Ultra speaker cables are stylish and you can sense the quality when you hold them. They offer the same sonic benefits as speaker cables I’ve heard that cost $20,000.” -SoundAdviceNews

“The SVS cables were easily at home with gear costing far, far more. Their presentation was extremely balanced, smooth, and without any sonic deficiencies. Recommending SVS SoundPath RCA interconnects and Ultra speaker cables is a no brainer.”

“When I bought my used Wilson Audio speakers, the salesman told me the speaker cables were more important to sound quality than a new amp. He had two 10-foot used cables that he offered to sell me at half-price, only $8,000 for the pair! I bought 50 feet of SVS Cables for about $160, and the difference was unbelievable. Go SVS! -Scott M. (SVS Owner)

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Apr 14, 2017