Chief SVS Designer Philosophizes on Audio & Prime Pinnacle Speaker Ascends in New Review

Also, Prime Elevation soars as world’s most versatile home theater speaker.
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Canada’s largest audio news site, SoundStage! Network, recently interviewed Smith Freeman, chief product designer for SVS, about his design philosophy for the Prime Pinnacle speakers, how to engineer a reference subwoofer and other topics in an exclusive interview. Check out the Q&A for an inside look at what’s driving iconic SVS designs.
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Read Audioholics Review
If you’re on the fence about new tower speakers, the hardened critics at Audioholics gave an incredibly detailed review of the new Prime Pinnacle speakers by offering measurements, commentary on engineering, extensive listening tests, and even disassembly of the cabinet (don’t try this at home!). Learn why this notoriously hard-to-please reviewer was completely blown away by his listening experience in this deep dive review.  
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Popular YouTube Reviewers Astonished by SB-3000 Performance.
Skeptical of its diminutive cabinet, two YouTube reviewers recently pushed the SB-3000 to extremes in separate reviews to prove whether this compact powerhouse deserved a place among the upper echelon of subwoofers. One focused more on music the other on home theater, but both walked away convinced this may be the best pound-for-pound subwoofer in existence.
Why Are SVS Subwoofers So Popular? | SVS SB-3000 Review!
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Watch Video
SVS SB-3000 is a Small Stick of DYNAMITE!
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Watch Video
SB-3000 Causes Audio Epiphany for Tech Magazine Reviewer.
Comparing his experience with the SB-3000 to the first time he watched HDTV, this ResTechToday reviewer couldn’t restrain his enthusiasm for the quality and amount of bass from the newest SVS sealed subwoofer.

“The SB-3000 made me feel like the first time I saw true HD content after watching 4:3 my whole life. I can’t believe it produces the amount of low end it does in a 15-inch square cabinet. Long live SVS and their amazing subwoofers!”
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Read TheNextWeb Review
A reviewer for mainstream tech site TheNextWeb was seeking a superior alternative to the disappointing “ceiling bounce” speakers he was using for Dolby Atmos height effects. SVS Prime Elevation over-delivered on its promise as the world’s most versatile home theater speaker by serving flawlessly in a number of different roles, including as stereo speakers in a desktop system.

“They’re versatile, easy to integrate with other speakers, and can help solve placement issues in all sorts of rooms. Produced eerily realistic effects and threw out a large soundstage with greater punchiness than any other surround speakers I’ve used. Atmos content displayed an altogether new level of realism.  An easy recommendation.”

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How to Make Your Subwoofer Wireless
(Even if it’s Not an SVS).
SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter
Adding wireless connectivity to your subwoofer reduces cable clutter and expands placement options for your subwoofer. In this article, we show you how simple it is to go wire-free with your subwoofer, powered speakers or even an integrated amplifier using the SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter.

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A Breakdown of SVS Tower Speakers.
SVS Tower Speakers
Our team is frequently asked to compare performance of the SVS Prime Tower, Prime Pinnacle and Ultra Tower, so we created a page dedicated to SVS floorstanding speakers to help those debating between the trio. Do you have a technical question based on your room or specific system? Drop us a line and the SVS Sound Experts will reply in less than 24 hours with a detailed response.

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Dec 16, 2019