SVS Honored Twice in Sound & Vision’s Best of 2019 (so far) & Thrilling Events in Virginia and Utah.

Also, speaker placement tips, Prime Wireless DTS Play-Fi videos and more.
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S&V Top Picks
Just this past week, Sound & Vision released its list of the best speakers and subwoofers of 2019 (so far) and crowned both the Prime Pinnacle towers and SB-3000 subwoofer, making SVS the only manufacturer to be honored twice! We’re incredibly proud of what our design team has accomplished in setting the standard for the industry.
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IQ Events
We’re bringing the Sound R|Evolution to  IQ Home Entertainment in Fairfax, VA on 7/25 and RC Willey in Draper, Utah on 8/8  for “A Night of Sonic Thrills” featuring jaw-dropping home theater and audiophile system demonstrations with all SVS speakers and subwoofers in their stunning showrooms. We’ll also give away a $2,000 Prime 5.1.2 home theater speaker system with Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver at each event to one lucky attendee.
  • Unforgettable demonstrations of the new SVS Prime Pinnacle tower speakers, Prime Wireless Speakers, 3000 Series Subwoofers and more.
  • Multiple prize giveaways, including grand prize $2,000 SVS home theater speaker system and AV receiver.
  • SVS "Experience Zones”, including an over-the-top home theater system showcasing the finest of what SVS has to offer, an audiophile stereo set-up, compact 5.1 surround sound zone, wireless audio and more!
  • SVS president Gary Yacoubian valuable insights on subwoofers, speakers, sound quality and audio technology.
Each action-packed event includes:
IQ Events
Can’t attend? Nobody gets left out! Join the excitement as we broadcast on the SVS Facebook page via Facebook Live, with a separate giveaway for those who tune in and leave a comment.
Prime Pinnacle
Comparing SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers to those costing 6x the price, Sound & Vision's most influential loudspeaker reviewer discovered amazing performance while offering a bold statement. It’s no wonder our new floorstanders ranked in the best speakers of 2019.

“Low-end prodigies. Accurate and dynamic sound. Excellent imaging depth of field. With the Prime Pinnacle, SVS not for the first time draws a line in the sand on the Value/ Performance Beach and challenges all comers. I can recommend the company's new speakers, unreservedly.”
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Prime Wireless Speaker System
In a meticulous review of the SVS Prime Wireless speaker system, a veteran audiophile explored the sonic performance in extreme detail for top hifi news site Soundstage, summing up his experience with the following statement.

“Presented a wide, deep soundstage. The dynamics were truly impressive. Sonically, these little speakers punched well above their weight and price. Prime Wireless is an affordable, small-footprint music system that delivers real hi-fi sound.”
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Sound Experts
Aligning speaker tweeters on the same plane, as close to ear level as possible, creates the most convincing and immersive listening experience in a multi-channel system because it ensures accurate imaging and cohesive panning effects. Check out some of our Sound Experts blog resources for more info about speaker and subwoofer placement.
DTS Play-Fi & SVS Prime Wireless Video Tutorials Now Available.
Watch Play-Fi Tutorials
To help with highlighting all the features of SVS Prime Wireless products, we created a YouTube playlist with DTS Play-Fi & SVS Prime Wireless tutorials that demonstrate how to use the app to set-up a multi-room audio system, stream in Hi-Res music, use with Spotify Connect and more.
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@SVS_Sound Featured Instagram Post 
Highlighting a post from @whatthatsoundstore, one of our dealers in Thailand, we enjoy, “Fear-inducing bass with subtlety and grace,” from an assortment of SVS 4000 and 16-Ultra Series subwoofers.
Tag your system shot with @SVS_Sound or #SoundRevolution and we might include in a future newsletter.
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Dec 16, 2019