SVS SB-2000 Pro is Sound & Vision Top Pick & Why a Speaker Crossover Matters to Sound Quality

Plus, Virtual Audiophile Happy Hour prize winner’s home theater gets featured on SVS site.
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SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer
After reviewing the SVS SB-2000 Pro subwoofer in both home theater and 2-channel systems, a seasoned reviewer from the top home theater magazine in the U.S., Sound & Vision, awarded it a with a coveted Top Pick award, proclaiming:
Just as proficient at pumping out huge explosions in action movies as it is playing in a two-channel audiophile setup. Tight, articulate bass that starts and stops on a dime, it expanded the size of the soundstage in a dramatic way that sonically transported me. Highly Recommended.”
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PB-4000 Subwoofer
Reviewers from the massively popular AVforums community unleashed an SVS PB-4000 subwoofer in their listening room and were treated to some breathtaking results before honoring it with a “Highly Recommended” award:
Subterranean levels of bass with a surprising level of subtlety and grace. It loaded the entire room with low frequency energy in breathtaking fashion with impact that you felt rather than heard. There was also a crispness and clarity to the bass, coupled with a sense of delicacy and responsiveness that is a testament to the engineering inside the incredibly inert cabinet. Pure bass heaven!”
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SVS Sound Experts Blog:
Why Does a Speaker Crossover Matter to Sound Quality?
Learn About Speaker Crossovers
Crossover design and tuning have a massive impact on the sound quality of a speaker and SVS engineers take great pride in the uncompromising approach taken with our SoundMatch crossovers. In this blog post, we dive into design, the role a crossover plays in voicing, passive vs. active crossover comparison and more.
Learn About Speaker Crossovers
Shop SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable
Seeking a sonic improvement over his 10-gauge budget speaker wire, owner Stan G. couldn’t believe his ears after replacing them with the SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables, leaving this review.

“I have my speakers bi-amped to an Emotiva XPA 5, so each is getting a PAIR of 200 watt signals. I bought a pair of the SVS SoundPath cables to hook up to the binding posts of the midrange/high frequency drivers to see if there would be any improvement. This made a huge improvement over my previous 10-gauge cables. The noise floor is much lower and because the SVS cables are fully balanced, the imaging is much more focused. The resolution is incredible. These cables worth the price and then some, good job SVS!”
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See Keith’s System
After winning a PB-2000 Pro subwoofer at random while tuning into the SVS Virtual Audiophile Happy Hour on Facebook, Keith B. from our home state of Ohio was so impressed with the sound, he upgraded his entire home theater with a 5.2 system consisting of SVS Prime and Ultra Bookshelf speakers and a second PB-2000 Pro. Now, he’s in audio heaven discovering deep bass and sound effects he never knew existed from content he’s heard dozens of times.
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Featured @SVS_Sound Instagram Post
The audiophile duo @HiFiBrothers discover a “Superb Stereo System” with the SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase delivering clarity and refinement of 192kHz/24-bit wireless streaming with power and dynamics of 300 watt amp (150 x 2), conveyed by a pair of SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers.

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Jul 29, 2020