SVS Prime Elevation Launches. World's Most Versatile Home Theater Speaker

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One of the most highly anticipated products in SVS history, the Prime Elevation speaker is now available! The Prime Elevation takes versatility to new heights as the ultimate, direct radiating height effects speaker for object based surround sound, and also as a center, front, LCR, side surround and/or rear surround when ideal placement in a room isn’t possible or practical.

With Prime Elevation, SVS invented the perfect speaker if you desire the most immersive height effects experience possible when enjoying content enhanced by Dolby Atmos®*, DTS:X® and Auro-3D®, or if you need a phenomenal sounding home theater speaker that solves a variety of room placement issues.

Object based surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos®* have the potential to render the most immersive home audio experiences on the planet. When designing a height effects speaker, SVS engineers didn’t believe the prevailing approach; radiating sound upwards to the ceiling and hoping it will bounce perfectly back down to the listener, was the most impactful way to execute a height effects speaker.

As an alternative, SVS envisioned a direct radiating height effects speaker with full range dynamics and the refinement of a high end bookshelf speaker for the most immersive and breathtaking audio experiences possible. From this, Prime Elevation was born along with a better way to enjoy height effects in state-of-the-art home theaters.

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Apr 14, 2017