PB-4000 Subwoofer Owner Gets SVS Tattoo & Top Bass Music Demos from SVS Community

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SVS PB-4000 Owner Gets SVS Ink

Donald from Manitoba, Canada showed his passion for SVS in a serious way, with a permanent tattoo on his arm. Needless to say we were floored by his dedication and are thinking of matching ink for the entire SVS team. Check out his system and the pics from his recent session and props to Johnny Darko of Neonothing Studios for the artwork!
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Fresh off the SB-4000 winning an EISA award as the world’s top subwoofer after voting from 50+ AV magazines from over 25 countries (that’s two years in a row after the
PB16-Ultra was crowned in 2017!), SVS subwoofers continue to generate seismic waves worldwide. Here’s a recap of recent accolades from around the globe that prove reference quality bass means the same thing no matter where you go, and it’s always synonymous with SVS.
HiFi Magazine Hemmabio (Sweden) Reviews PB-4000

Swedish HiFi magazine Hemmabio reviewed the SVS PB-4000 and had a long list of adjectives to describe what it feels like when you have a reference caliber subwoofer in your system.

Massive, powerful, controlled, forceful, extremely deep, detailed, nuanced, it’s a lot of words in my book and they’re all positive. An extremely competent subwoofer from start to finish for all occasions. Whether you need to integrate with bookshelf speakers, in-wall speakers, or big floorstanders, the PB-4000 will support them in a fantastic way.” 
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Shop PB-4000
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AUDIO Magazine Tests Top Subwoofers Available in Germany, Two SVS Models Reign Supreme

These reviews are extra special because the SB-4000 and SB16-Ultra were compared against all the top top subwoofer brands available in Germany and honored as the best subwoofers the magazine has ever tested.

Extended deep bass with audiophile precision. Executed the perfect bass storm with power and yet easiness. Trembled the room – forceful, focused and extremely long breath. An enormous amount of power for manageable money.”
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DigitalTrends Honors SB16-Ultra as Best Subwoofer for Any Room and Any Budget

Digital Trends, one of the most widely tech sites in the world, just announced its list of the “Best Subwoofers You Can Buy for Any Room and Budget” and left little room for discussion about why the SVS SB16-Ultra took top honors.

“It’s our favorite subwoofer ever, built to excel in any and all circumstances. Offers everything you could want in a subwoofer – high-end power, impressive clarity, precise detail, and good looks too.
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Audioholics Reviews PB-4000 and Honors with “Bassaholic Extreme” Award

Popular AV news site Audioholics posted the most thorough review of the SVS PB-4000 subwoofer yet with thoughts on unpackaging, a design overview, listening session notes and extensive acoustic measurements resulting in the “Bassaholic Exteme” award, their highest subwoofer accolade.

Tears into bass, the deeper the frequency, the more energetic it gets…users who want strong, uncolored bass that doesn’t change its character at all with varying loudness levels can have that in the PB-4000. Makes the fantastic seem more plausible by adding depth and grandeur to the soundscape.”
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SB-2000 Receives “Blue Note: Best of 2018” Award from EnjoytheMusic

Audiophile enthusiast site EnjoytheMusic chooses just 18 products from the hundreds of high-end speakers and components it reviews each year to receive a coveted “Blue Note Award”. After testing the SVS SB-2000 versus several more expensive models, the results were clear.

“The SB-2000 went deep enough to satisfy any material that passed through and its bass was tight and pitch specific…can fight way above its weight class, an audiophile (or non-audiophile!) can hook up this subwoofer knowing they are getting the most for their money. Recommended? You bet!”
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SVS Community Joins Forces to Create Subwoofer Music
Demo List

Not long ago, we asked the SVS social media community to share their favorite subwoofer test tracks and demo songs. The response was astounding, so we curated a list of favorites. Now, go crank that sub to 11 and keep the suggestions coming!
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SVS Featured System: Dual PB16-Ultras and 15 SVS Speakers Take Sound to the Extreme
Featured SVS System
Ultra center speakers as side surrounds? 6 Prime Elevations overhead? Dual PB16-Ultra subwoofers? The latest SVS featured home theater owner used his creativity to build one of the most intense home audio systems we’ve ever come across on the way to achieving a “truly spectacular” audio experience.

He's also a moderator for the biggest SVS enthusiast group on Facebook, so join up to share in the fun with fellow audio fans.
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@SVS_Sound Instagram Post of the Month
Instagram Pic of the Month
“When you have been trying out various components and cables over time, there is a level of exhaustion that sets in. The hype of various manufacturers can be another element which causes you to want to just forget it! The SVS Interconnects that I purchased for my subwoofers and audio gear made ‘magic’ immediately.
-Thomas R.

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Apr 10, 2019