SVS SB-3000 Named World’s Top Subwoofer & SVS Hits the Road with More Events!

Plus, tips for setting subwoofer crossover frequency and Prime speakers earn audiophile praise.
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Once a year, the Expert Sound & Imaging Association (EISA), a consortium of more than 60 top AV media in the world from 29 countries (including Sound & Vision and Stereophile in the U.S.) vote on the best home theater and HiFi products released in the past year. The EISA Awards are widely regarded as the most prestigious honor an AV product can receive worldwide.

We are thrilled to announce the SB-3000 took the honor in the subwoofer category for 2019-2020, marking the third year in a row an SVS subwoofer has been awarded after our SB-4000 and PB16-Ultra won the past two years. It’s the only time ever a single brand has won the same category three years in a row! Below is the citation from EISA detailing why the SB-3000 was honored.
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“For its SB-3000 subwoofer, SVS takes the performance-first ethos of its higher-end models and brings it to a new, lower price point. Featuring a freshly designed 13in driver in a compact, sealed cabinet, allied to an 800W Sledge DSP amplifier, this dedicated bass-maker excels when it comes to depth, speed, control and slam. Movie soundtracks hit hard, while music playback benefits from nuanced, tight bass. It’s a tweaker’s delight too, with SVS’s Bluetooth control app offering parametric EQ to match its performance to your listening room, in addition to quick adjustments of level, and sound preset selection. For those seeking a sub offering both power and precision, the SB-3000 is difficult to resist.”
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SVS Rumbles into 5 New Cities for Immersive Audio Fun.
We’re unleashing the Sound R|Evolution in five cities over the next 3 months as we bring “A Night of Sonic Thrills” to audiophiles and home theater fans around the country. Join SVS President Gary Yacoubian, Lead SVS trainer Larry McGough (#TheLarry) and others for jaw-dropping home theater and audiophile system demonstrations with all SVS speakers and subwoofers in the stunning showrooms of our dealer partners. We’ll also give away a $2,000 Prime 5.1.2 home theater speaker system with Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver (and other prizes) at each event.
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Action-packed free events include:
  • Unforgettable demonstrations of the new SVS Prime Pinnacle tower speakers, Prime Wireless Speakers, 3000 Series Subwoofers and more.
  • Multiple prize giveaways, including grand prize $2,000 SVS home theater speaker system and AV receiver at each event.
  • SVS "Experience Zones”, including an over-the-top home theater system showcasing the finest of what SVS has to offer, an audiophile stereo set-up, compact 5.1 surround sound zone, wireless audio and more!
  • SVS president Gary Yacoubian's valuable insights on subwoofers, speakers, sound quality and audio technology.
$2,000 Grand Prize Speaker System Giveaway at Each Event:
5 SVS Prime Satellite Speakers 
2 SVS Prime Elevation Speakers
SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer

Dolby Atmos AV Receiver
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SVS Facebook
Can’t attend? Nobody gets left out! Join the excitement as we broadcast on the SVS Facebook page via Facebook Live, with a separate giveaway for those who tune in and leave a comment.
Read PF Review
Judging an SVS Prime Wireless 2.1 Speaker system against all other wireless audio products he’s heard, a seasoned reviewer from audiophile site Positive Feedback almost couldn’t fathom the sound coming from the inclusively priced all-in-one HiFi system.

"Neutral tonality with great levels of balance and clarity. Solid response with taut and punchy bass that extends low into sub-bass territories. Delivers spades of air and separation, filling the room with a sound that handles complex tracks and instrumentals with ease. There was no positional sweet spot, but rather the field of sound was wide and enjoyable from a variety of angles. Coupled with the powerful SB-1000 subwoofer, the system turns into an amazing orchestra of sound, with deep lows, beautifully wide and rich midrange, and extensive treble.”
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Get Crossover Frequency Tips
One of the most common audio questions our Sound Experts answer is, “what is the best crossover frequency for my subwoofer?” If you’re not sure, we created this article with some helpful tips to get your speaker to subwoofer transitions blended as smooth as possible.
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@SVS_Sound Featured Instagram Post 
Home theater demo game is strong at @huppins in Spokane, WA where an SVS flagship system featuring Ultra Tower speakers and dual SB16-Ultra subwoofers fills their colossal showroom with effortless, immersive sound.
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Sep 13, 2019