September 2020: Unveiling Your SVS Audiophile Happy Hour Playlists and “Meaty and Muscular” SB-3000 Earns Top Tech Award

Plus, 10 best ways to hide speaker wire
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Calling it one of the best pound-for-pound subwoofers ever created, popular tech site The Master Switch gave a detailed review of the SB-3000, comparing it to a wide range of subwoofers costing much more, and declaring:
“What SVS have done with their DSP here is nothing short of miraculous. Quite simply, it leaves its competitors in the dust. Audio quality was meaty and muscular, and while it felt controlled, it never lost its sense of fun. We don’t think we’ve heard sound this good in a subwoofer below about $2,000. It knocked our damn socks off!"
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HiFi Choice, the leading source of audio news and reviews in Poland reviewed a PB-4000 subwoofer and honored it with their top award and this praise.
A powerful sub for the most demanding audience. Can hit extreme volume levels and deep bass with absolute precision and the dynamics make you feel every note you’re supposed to. A perfectly functioning proprietary control application ensures easy adjustment, including the selection of frequency range characteristics. An ideal subwoofer for those looking for intense and adrenaline fueling experiences.
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Learn 10 Ways to Hide Cables and Wires
Everyone loves the immersive impact of a home theater surround sound system, but cables and wires don’t always make the best room décor. Fortunately, there’s many solutions that will help keep your room clear of cable clutter and looking as good as your systems sounds as we explore in this blog post.
Learn 10 Ways to Hide Cables and Wires
SVS Audiophile Happy Hour Playlist
We recently asked our Virtual Audiophile Happy Hour community to comment with songs they love to use when showing off their systems and songs that immediately make them want to “Crank it to 11”, and they didn’t disappoint!

Check out the new SVS Spotify playlists below with tracks from: Miles David, Depeche Mode, Wiz Khalifa, Helmet, Pink Floyd, Outkast, The Cranberries, Jimi Hendrix and more.
SVS Audiophile Happy Hour Playlist
Crank it to “11” Playlist
Featured @SVS_Sound Instagram Post
The seasoned HiFi reviewers from had this to say about the SB-3000 subwoofer after pairing it up in a high-end 2-channel system, "Packs a massive punch. Its 800-watt power plant and special driver allow it a long throw with very linear excursion so it can move an unexpectedly large amount of air comparable to that of 15” subwoofers in our testing. We found the 3000 Series to be a near-perfect marriage of manageable size, agreeable appearance, and serious performance."

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Sep 21, 2020