June 2019: SVS Subwoofer Driver Technology Revealed in New Video

Plus, an amazing 7.2.4 featured owner system, Prime Pinnacle causes goosebumps and the magic of SVS SoundPath.
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Anatomy of an SVS Subwoofer Driver
In an illuminating discussion about the SVS subwoofer driver technology and engineering, Nick and Ed from SVS dive deep into the differences between overhung and underhung drivers, parabolic surrounds, basket design and more in a new video. Learn what goes into creating reference quality bass from the inside out. 
Watch Driver Anatomy Video
Prime Pinnacle AVS Review
In a review where the SVS Prime Pinnacle speaker was honored as a “Top Choice 2019” by the most trusted audiophile site, the newest SVS tower speaker caused a physical reaction during classical music playback during the review process and earned its place among the finest audio products in the world.

“Pristine, detailed sound with an enveloping soundstage that transcends the boundaries of the room and has palpable three-dimensionality. I got chills and goosebumps. No doubt Prime Pinnacle is one of the top speakers of 2019.”

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HomeTheaterReview Discovers Sophistication & Violence in SB-3000 Subwoofer Review.
SB-3000 HTR Review
It’s always interesting when reviewers describe their first SVS subwoofer listening experience as this HomeTheaterReview writer did in a recent test of the SB-3000. We know the feeling he describes very well.

A seriously sophisticated audio device, one that can render subtle differences in bass inflection, but with the capacity to play deep and slam hard. The power of the sub comes on fast, in a violent way. Intense, with purpose and authority, is the way I would describe it.”

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Isolation System
SB-2000 subwoofer owner Charley C. had minimal expectations when he bought a SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System to fix some annoying room rattle issues he was dealing with. But after one track, he was believing in magic. 

“I love my SB-2000 sub, but once the volume became moderately loud the bass would cause things to rattle in my office. The FRUSTRATING thing was the ceiling light fixture! Also, there is a wood panel on my office desk that resonates at about 50 Hz. LOUDLY! I was skeptical about these $50 "snake oil" rubber feet. Would they actually help!? I installed them (in less than 5 minutes). Turned on the system. Cranked it up a bit on a Brian Bromberg track. NO RATTLES!! Cranked it up a little more...STILL no rattles. I don't know what kind of rocket science engineering, black magic and/or voodoo SVS uses, and I don't care! IT WORKS!!! If you have rattle problems, buy these! Well worth the cost!
Get Rid of Room Rattle
Build Your Speaker System and Save, with the SVS System Builder.
SVS System Builder
Choose from preset systems or select your own combination of SVS Prime and Ultra speakers and any SVS subwoofers to build you perfect home theater with the SVS System Builder. All SVS speakers are timbre-matched so you can seamlessly blend the Prime and Ultra Series to fit your needs. Plus, you save 5% on packages of five or more products!

Need help choosing the best speakers or subwoofer?  Our Sound Experts are available 7 days-a-week via custservice@svsound.com, 1.877.626.5623 or online chat to help with questions about your room, AV component settings or anything else.
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Featured SVS Owner Trades-up to Prime Pinnacles and dual SB-3000 Subwoofers in Stunning 7.2.4 System.
See Doug’s System
Growing up with a boombox and car audio obsession, Doug C. from our home state of Ohio has since graduated to building a reference quality home theater to meet his cravings for crystal-clear, high-impact cinematic action. After auditioning various soundbars left him wanting more, he discovered SVS and the Customer Bill of Rights. From there, his system has been transformed into an immersive, heart-pounding 7.2.4 system with dual SB-3000 subwoofers, Prime Pinnacles and more, putting the local IMAX and Dolby Cinema to shame. 
See Doug’s System
@SVS_Sound Instagram pic of the Month
In this featured post, our reference PB16-Ultra subwoofer shows how massive low frequency output can, “make it feel like the room is breathing,” by showing the effect with dry ice.
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