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Gregory M. Reviews the Prime Wireless 2.1 Speaker System

"The prime wireless speaker system is the best sounding pear of speakers I've ever had. They have great stereo imaging and separation. They are great for music and great for a t...

Dylan N. Reviews the Prime Pinnacle Surround System

"Great sound, Great bass and very balanced!"- Dylan N.

Joseph S. Reviews the Prime Pinnacle Surround System

"Quality, looks, price … these speakers have it all. Such clean sound even at lower volumes. Highly recommend!"- Joseph S.

Brian Y. Reviews the Prime Bookshelf Surround System

"While I am certainly not a lifelong Audiophile nor a Sound Engineer I can say that in my 50 years experiencing and enjoying music I have not found a set of speakers at this pri...

Bryan M. Reviews the Prime Bookshelf Surround System

"Now with the SVS speakers in place I really can hear what I was missing all of these years. DVDs have a new life to them again. These are awesome speakers worth every penny."- ...

AKAlex Reviews the Prime Satellite 2.1 System

"The satellites are detailed and airy; add the SB-1000 into the mix and the sound fills out perfectly, very tight, articulate, and tuneful. I am absolutely tickled pink with how...

Golden12 Reviews the Prime Satellite 2.1 System

"You just have to hear these speakers. They are true to the sound they reproduce. Smooth as butter. Off axes will amaze you. You can set any were and still get a great sound fro...

Tyler T. Reviews the Prime Tower Surround System

"Sound completely envelopes the room regardless of the source. Even though my original PB1000 initialized my status as a SVS customer for life, my new SVS 7.1 system has complet...

Dan E. Reviews the Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System

"Oh my, they really are great speakers. With their size, you can really feel the richness of a great sound, every space in your room is filled with controlled booming base from ...

Alfonso I. Reviews the Ultra Surround

"These bad boys sound amazing!!! Very crisp clear! And a very nice midbass also."- Alfonso I.

MOTOWN Reviews the Ultra Center

"After adding this center to my home theater setup im amazed at how much detail and clarity im hearing for the first time voices breathing all the things that brings TV to life ...

Mark G. Reviews the Ultra Bookshelf

"I've owned several fine speakers in this price range and above. None can touch these."- Mark G.

Marco S. Reviews the Ultra Tower

"Better than I thought in every way. Svs fan for life."- Marco S.

Daniel M. Reviews the Prime Wireless 2.1 Speaker System

"The first time I fired them up, I was amazed at the sound quality . Great highs and the existing bass response is perfect. Love both the Bluetooth capability and working with P...

Kevin T. Reviews the Prime Tower Surround System

"I am blown away by how much I was missing with my old surround sound. I have been watching movies and listening to music for the last several days with a huge smile on my face....

Curtis C. Reviews the Prime Satellite 5.1 System

"The system conveyed a depth and soundstage that was previously lacking in my system. Vocal reproductions were angelic to say the least-clear & clean with no distortion. if ...

Phillip S. Reviews the Prime Wireless Speaker

"Small, powerful, beautiful with crisp clean sound all the way to max volume."- Phillip S.

Robert B. Reviews the Prime Center

"I should have made the move years ago this speaker is fantastic"- Robert B.

Rory M. Reviews the Prime Elevation

"After installing my new SVS Prime Elevation speakers my wife and I were blown away. We are now enveloped by sound in a way I never thought possible with our setup."- Rory M.

Brian S. Reviews the Prime Tower

"Crispy highs, good bass, and an incredible sound stage. Great for theatre or music playback. What a great speaker for the price!"- Brian S.

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