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  • CNET Names SB-1000 Best Subwoofer Under $500

    “I've used a lot of subwoofers in my time, but nothing has so far matched SVS in terms of value for money. I use the larger SB-4000 as part of the CNET test system, but the SB-1000 is a great sub. It's compact and offers satisfyingly deep bass for both movies and music. It makes a great companion to single soundbars with a sub out connection too.”
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  • CNET Reviews the SB-4000 Subwoofer

    "The SB-4000's bass was deep and powerful, bass transients were quick, and there was no thickening or bloat. Impact and dynamics were visceral. It enlarged the soundstage. A reference-grade subwoofer that doesn't merely dish out room-rattling home theater effects, it's also very musical. I’ve never heard bass like this in the CNET listening room! I highly recommend it."
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  • CNET names the Prime Towers at the top of their best speakers under $1000 list!

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  • CNET reviews the Prime Tower Speaker

    See why they ranked it as one of the top budget audiophile speakers available…
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  • CNET reviews the Ultra Tower Speaker

    See why they praise the new addition to the SVS product line...
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  • CNET reviews the Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

    See what impressed them about its performance...
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