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High performance audio gives back throughout the year by unlocking deeply immersive music, movie, TV and gaming experiences with every listening session. We created the SVS Sound Advice Gift Guide to help you choose the perfect SVS product for audiophiles, home theater fans, gamers, yourself and others who enjoy the thrill of world-class audio performances.

SVS Sound Experts Live Support
Choosing the right audio gear can be a challenge, especially when you’re shopping for someone else. To make things easier we’re offering free SVS Sound Experts live support, 7-days a week to assist with all speaker, subwoofer and audio-related questions.

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  • What’s the ideal size and style of subwoofer for my room?
  • Should I go with bookshelf or tower speakers?
  • What are the best height speakers for my new Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® or Auro-3D® home theater?
  • I need an AV Receiver recommendation?
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Our Ohio-based Sound Experts have all the answers and are available for live help Monday-Friday 9AM-9PM Eastern, Saturday 12PM-6PM, and Sunday 12PM-4PM.

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As an added benefit, all SVS products are backed by the SVS Customer Bill of Rights, which includes a 45 Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial, Fast & Free Shipping and Returns, 5-Year Unconditional Warranty, 1-Year Trade-up Policy, Lifetime SVS Sound Experts Tech Support, and much more.

Speaker Versatility Taken to New Heights

The Prime Elevation speaker is the perfect solution for those who desire the most sonically immersive and impactful Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® or Auro:3D® height effects speaker, or an easy-to-install high performance front, center, LCR, side surround and/or rear surround home theater speaker home theater speaker to solve a variety of room placement issues. Plus, the patent-pending Multi-Angle Wall Bracket makes it a snap to install in any position.

From $199.99 each

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"The Elevations are just too good to use only as height channels… Highly recommended…A 10 out of 10 from me on this one."

The People’s Choice Subwoofers

Unmatched low frequency extension, power, tight articulation and speed in transients for less than $1,000, with technology normally reserved for subwoofers costing many times more, the sealed box SB-2000 and ported box PB-2000 subwoofers defy all expectations and have emerged as the best-selling SVS subwoofers.

From $699.99

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“It can deliver the eyeball-crushing silliness of movie night without breaking sweat, while relishing the more laidback task of mid-week TV. The SVS 2000 Series are seriously talented subwoofers."

Flexible Audiophile Experience in Any Room

SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers bring every nuance and detail of music, movies and TV to life and offer the added flexibility of placement on bookshelves, desktops, speaker stands or other furniture. Incredible low-frequency extension, an expansive soundstage, pinpoint accuracy and stunning dynamics allow the SVS Prime Bookshelf speaker to outclass speakers costing thousands more.

From: $249.99 each

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“These are beautiful, capable speakers at a head turning price. Their performance stands toe to toe with much more expensive contenders."

Immersive Surround Sound for the Price of a Soundbar

Five compact yet massive sounding Prime Satellite speakers combine with a startlingly powerful SB-1000 subwoofer in décor-friendly 5.1 surround sound package that punches way above its weight class and brings immersive audio experiences to any small to medium sized room.

From $999.99

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“The best satellite speaker surround sound system I know for under $1,000. Congratulations, SVS. The old king is dead, long live the new king."

SVS SoundPath Stocking Stuffer Audio Accessories

SVS SoundPath Audio Accessories bridge the gap between exorbitantly priced “snake oil” solutions and cheaply made, point A to point B accessories that sacrifice performance for price.

SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System

Improve low frequency response and remove sonic artifacts in the room, while sharply reducing the bass heard by neighbors and housemates.

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SoundPath RCA Interconnect Cable

Maintain pristine signal purity and total noise rejection under all conditions so a system can reach its peak performance potential.

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SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable

Built without compromise using the same materials, engineering standards and fabrication techniques as the finest speaker cables in the world. Available in custom lengths and hand terminated by our Ohio craftsman with your choice of bare wire, banana plugs or spade connectors.

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Sound Experts Tip: An audio system is only as good as its weakest link. Invest in accessories from a trusted brand that offers a warranty but don’t fall into the trap of over-paying for exotic cables and accessories that do little more than empty your wallet, with little to no audible gain. -Jack Gilvey, customer service manager

Soaring Tower Speakers for Discriminating Audio Fans

The Prime Tower speakers are the #1 rated and reviewed floorstanding speaker under $1,000 and set the benchmark for reference quality sound with pinpoint accuracy, flawless tonal balance and incredible low frequency extension. The impressive Prime Tower speakers easily outperform full range floorstanders costing twice as much.

From $499.99 each

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“They are more detailed and more "hi-fi" than anything we've heard at this price before.”

The Ultimate Bass Experience, SVS 16-Ultra Subwoofers

Winner of the prestigious CES Innovations Award and the even more coveted “Best of Innovations” honor for being the top high performance audio or video product released in the past year, the SVS 16-Ultra subwoofers are a tour-de-force of audio engineering with game-changing innovations resulting in the most extreme bass experience ever. Music and home theater fans will shake with delight at the site of a 16-Ultra subwoofer this holiday season.

From $1,999.99

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“It feels like a major earthquake is occurring…You can push the driver to legitimately scary excursion levels, seemingly on the edge of what’s mechanically possible..Output is freaking insane and the quality of the bass is so high there’s little motivation to do anything.”

The Ultimate Home Theater Surround Sound Experience

The Ultra Tower 5.0 speaker package delivers a deeply immersive and impactful surround sound experience that puts the local movie theater and concert venue to shame. For a loved one who deserves the best, the Ultra Series speakers deliver a memorable experience with every listen.


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“Dynamics of a custom theater system, neutrality and ambience of an audiophile system. Certified and Recommended!”

Go Dual to Enhance Subwoofer Performance and Savings

Considering a double subwoofer assault to eliminate nulls, smooth out the frequency response in a larger listening area and to unleash effortless, room energizing bass? Go Dual with our 1000, 2000 or Ultra Series subwoofers and maximize low frequency performance in any set-up.

From $949.99

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Sound Experts Tip: When choosing between one larger subwoofer and two smaller ones, opting for duals almost always nets better performance. We explain why in the following blog post: Why Go Dual? -Ed Mullen, director technology and customer service

Take the Easy Route, Give an SVS Gift Card

SVS gift cards are available in any denomination and ship the same day you order them. Take the pressure off yourself and give the ultimate freedom of choice with an SVS Gift Card.

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Don’t forget, our Sound Experts are standing by 7 days a week to consult with you on any audio or home theater related questions you have. Reach them at, 877.626.5623 or via chat, Monday-Friday 9AM-9PM Eastern, Saturday 12PM-6PM, and Sunday 12PM-4PM.

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