SVS: The Ultimate Way to

Experience the Big Game

An SVS Audio System Delivers Dynamics and Realism Befitting a Champion

Sports and home theater fans have something to cheer about since football’s biggest game is being broadcast in crystal clear 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. From the pre-game flyover, to the halftime show spectacular, to every bone-jarring hit and quarterback audible leading up to the final whistle, football’s championship game is not only an unofficial American holiday, it’s also an audio spectacle.

The best way to capture the full excitement of the big game is with an SVS audio system that recreates the adrenaline-charged dynamics of a packed stadium.

The Budding Superstar Experience

Our Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System (also available in NEW! White Gloss) delivers every QB cadence with accuracy and authority, creates an enveloping soundstage to keep you on edge of your seat, and pumps out deep, authoritative bass that lets you feel the impact of every hit and tackle. Plus, it’s compact enough to leave plenty of room for big game snacks.

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The First Row, 50 Yard-Line Experience

Create an experience that outclasses the best seat in the stadium from the most comfortable seats in your house. Two Prime Towers, a Prime Center, and two Prime Satellites combine with an SB-2000 Subwoofer for championship level dynamics all day long, without the lines or distractions.

The Prime Tower System
The Luxury Box Experience

For the ultimate big game baller, the Ultra Tower Surround Package is without question an MVP experience and will turn any big game viewing party into a transcendent sports experience. Add in an SB13-Ultra subwoofer and you’ll be the envy of anyone not on the field.

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The Monster Bass Blitz Experience

Integrating dual subwoofers is the best way to smooth out the frequency response in a larger party area and ideal for providing effortless bass that grabs everyone’s attention from the opening kick-off to the celebratory fireworks. Previous subwoofer owners may also qualify for a retroactive dual subwoofer discount! Contact our Sound Experts for more information.

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The I’m Mostly Here for the Commercials Experience

Our Prime Satellite 2.1 System (now in NEW! White Gloss) is a compact, lifestyle friendly system for anyone who loves a good game but is more interested in seeing what iconic or hilarious new advertisements are in store from their favorite brands. Dialogue sparkles, music infects and sound effects come through with amazing clarity to create memorable on and off-the-field moments.

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The Expert Grounds Crew Experience

All speakers and subwoofers need accessories working behind the scenes to ensure pristine signal transfer and optimal sound quality. Our NEW! SoundPath Audio Accessories are expertly designed to get the best possible performance out of all your speakers and subwoofers, no matter what the conditions.

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Ask an SVS Sound Expert

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