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Based in the U.S.A. and available seven-days-a-week via email, chat, phone or social media, our SVS Sound Experts customer service team is quick, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of home theater and audio. We’re here to help with everything from shipping questions and product recommendations to complex AV receiver set-up issues. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time.

Our Sound Experts are available 9AM-9PM Eastern Monday-Friday, 12PM-6PM Saturday, and 12PM-4PM Sunday. Read our FAQs for answers to common questions.

Schedule a Complimentary Video Support Session

SVS Sound Experts video support sessions let you share a live video feed of your room, menu settings, schematics, or other visuals to give the SVS team “eyes” on your setup. The free service is useful whether you’re choosing new speakers and subwoofers or just want the best performance possible from an existing system.

The one-on-one sessions are like having a professional AV installer in your home sharing personalized advice at no cost. Just reach out to us via email or chat to schedule a time and we’ll reply promptly with a unique link.

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A benefits package that instills confidence and extends before and after your SVS products arrive.

  • 45 Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial, Fast & Free Shipping and Returns.
  • 5-Year Unconditional Warranty, 1-Year Trade-up Policy.
  • 60-Day Guaranteed Price Protection, Now with Automatic Refunds!

What our customers are saying.

"The customer service has been wonderful!" J.S.

"I can tell this sub was built by people more concerned about sound quality than making money. Customer service was a joy to deal with." ColinPaige

"The #1 reason I chose SVS (and it's a big one) is their incredible customer service from beginning to end. I can't stress how important this is." JedKnutson

"The technical support (questions about my specific setup) and the purchase experience are top-notch." MichaelMinchew

"I want to thank Ed Mullen for the great technical support and customer service helping me with PEQ tips that really make my experiences even better." Stharling

"Not only did I get a great subwoofer, but a friend in the business, like when it was common to talk to someone who knew about quality sound." A Massachusetts Fan

"What amazed me even more than amazing sound quality, was the support I got. Jeff spent over 45 minutes walking me through the entire setup of my Marantz, way beyond the subwoofer needs." David

"The customer service is downright amazing. They walked me through the entire process after I calibrated my set up with Audyssey." TaraQuirin

"The only thing better than my new subwoofer purchase was the customer service I received from SVS! A big thanks to Ken Kadis especially." Hayden

"I placed my order over a holiday weekend and expected a delay. Everything was shipped the first business day and arrived the following day." Google Trusted Store Review

"Awesome folks. Very responsive customer service. Arrived a day early. The new dual PB 2000 subs sound amazing. Nice upgrade from my Bic 250." Google Trusted Store Review

"I've bought from them 3 times now and every experience has been great. The customer service seems to truly want to please their customers." Google Trusted Store Review

"I can say with confidence that it is companies like SVS that will continue to do well when times are tough. World class service and great products!" Panadanaut

"The excellent customer service orientation of SVS is as important as their superlative product quality, and I congratulate them on both." Nikonnex

"This is my first high-end subwoofer and I'm very happy with my purchase. SVS really cares about their customers!" Landy

"SVS customer service was amazing, no issues and answered all of my questions and also helped me set up some adjustments once I received it." Jose Jr.

"Love the SVS customer service (whom I may or may not have emailed excessively while choosing which sub was right for me). Amazing product and service. Highly recommend." Jeremy W.

"The guys at SVS are absolutely fantastic....customer service is the best around...period...Ed M. gave me advice to getting my system sounding the best that it could." Mike

"If you want to start a company then SVS should be the model. They are service orientated and customer driven." Lance Sci-Fi Junky

"My sincere thanks to Jack at SVS as he was very helpful with making my decision and most of all did not oversell me on products." Dean Boyko

"SVS is consistent, cutting edge, and value both high-performance and great customer relations. They are a truly rare company that will have my business forever." Marc V.

"I'm amazed at the polite Customer support. Gentle reminders via email with specific contact info to reach out to a person --without being obtrusive." John

"They were very helpful and very generous with me. They answered all my emails in a flash and were patient with all my questions. Thank you SVS the best Customer Service ever!" JoseBalaguer

"Fantastic Customer Service. SVS you guys are the best in the business. I will be back soon." Barry A.

"Awesome product and customer service before and after the sale was exemplary!" CollegeBallDude

"Customer support was exceptional, I had an online chat and no matter what questions I asked they were answered in full to my satisfaction." Domza

"Customer service at SVS is second to none. they were very helpful getting me dialed in." BC

"SVS is a terrific company and will gladly give them more money in the future. Customer service just doesn't get any better." Scroty Nutsack

"Best CS service, awesome product, honest straight forward advice. Quick delivery, product shipped with total care. Support was quick and very patient with every question." Paul

"Can't praise SVS products, people or service enough! Superb!" Charles

"SVS encourages the buyer to contact staff and management and I found my email to the CEO answered the very next day. How is that for customer support!" Projock