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2015 SVS Holiday Gift Guide

Each of our best-in-class audio products is backed by lifetime Sound Experts technical and product support and the generous SVS Customer Bill of Rights, all for an unmatched price. Browse customer favorites below or discover endless possibilities at any budget on our site.

NEW! SVS SoundPath Audio Accessories

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Audio Buffs – NEW! SoundPath Accessories

Ideal for: Anyone who desires high end audio performance but doesn’t want to overpay or put the integrity of their system at risk.

From $9.99

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Compact 2.1 System Punches Well Above its Class

Our Prime Satellite 2.1 System (now in NEW! White Gloss) is a lifestyle friendly system consisting of two SVS Prime Satellite speakers and an SB-1000 Subwoofer, but don’t let its small footprint fool you, this compact system outclasses much bigger and more expensive speakers with ease.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants big sound without speakers that visually dominate a room’s décor. Also great as a desktop or gaming system.

From $699.99

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Audiophile Experience in Any Room

Our Prime Bookshelf Speakers bring every nuance and detail of your entertainment to life and offer an expansive soundstage, powerful performance across the frequency spectrum and easy set-up options.

Ideal for: Anyone who loves a powerful and revealing two-channel listening experience. Also great for vinyl lovers with flexible placement on bookshelves, desktops, or stands.

From $249.99

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Immersive Surround Sound Experience, for the Price of a Soundbar

Our Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System (also available in NEW! White Gloss) delivers crystal clear dialogue and vocals, an enveloping soundstage, accurate, deep bass, and seamless sonic transitions from front to back and side to side.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants a compact system and loves to feel completely immersed in movies, music, TV, gaming, sports and other audio experiences.

From $999.99

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The “I’ve Been Really, Really Good This Year” Home Theater Package

Create an experience that outclasses the local movie theater from the most comfortable seats in the house. Two Prime Towers, a Prime Center, and two Prime Satellites combine with an SB-2000 Subwoofer for concert and cinema level dynamics all day long, with no lines or distractions.

Ideal for: The passionate home theater lover who wants to create the ultimate surround sound experience. Also great as the centerpiece for a finished basement or living room.

From $1549.99

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In the SVS Family Already? Go Dual for Subwoofer Performance and Savings

Considering a system upgrade to smooth out the frequency response in a larger listening area and to provide effortless bass with more headroom? Go Dual with our 2000 or 1000 Series, and maximize low frequency performance in any set-up.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants the best possible bass output in any room-set-up.

From $949.99

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Upgrade Bass to Boss Level with the SB13-Ultra Subwoofer

Our SB13-Ultra Sealed Subwoofer is the most reviewed subwoofer on the planet and a favorite among serious home theater and music fans for its astonishing accuracy and speed, deep, distortion-free bass, and hair-raising low frequency effects.

Ideal for: Anyone who wants the absolute best subwoofer performance possible so they never miss a moment of low frequency action.

From $1,599.99

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