About SVS

At SVS, we believe world-class audio experiences should be within everyone’s reach. Our speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories refute the notion that exceptional sound quality has to be ridiculously expensive. The SVS design approach involves a fusion of leading edge technology, precision engineering, exhaustive lab and real-world testing, as well as, a deep personal passion for audio excellence, all brought to life by our acoustic engineers. With every new product, we strive to redefine audio performance for the price.

But that’s only part of the SVS Experience. We also stand behind our products with the SVS Customer Bill of Rights, a benefits package that includes a 45-Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial, Fast and Free Shipping and Returns, our industry-leading 5-Year Unconditional Warranty, and more. We’re so confident you’ll love our gear that we made it completely painless to audition for yourself in the best place possible, your home.

From the coherent soundstage, pinpoint imaging, superb detail and sonic transparency of our reference-grade loudspeakers, to the subterranean extension, chest-thumping slam, and unerring accuracy of our acclaimed subwoofers – our award-winning SVS product line-up guarantees you a thrilling audio experience.

And since you’re supported by SVS Sound Experts Customer Care for the life of your product, you can rest easy knowing the best technical and customer service team on the planet is standing by to help you though research, set-up, troubleshooting and calibration for every part of your home theater or audio system.

Our Team

Our taste in everything from music and gaming to binge-worthy TV and movies may differ, but we all share a passion for immersive audio experiences and we all understand what it takes to design, build and support the best audio products in the world.

  • Gary Yacoubian, CEO

    Gary came to SVS in 2011 with a rich background in the Audio-Video industry, from being President of a regional A/V retail chain and custom installer, where he worked for more than 20 years, to spending valuable time in senior management in CE manufacturing where he learned how great audio products are designed and built.

    After more than 25 years in Consumer Electronics, Gary is truly an industry icon. He has served as Chairman of the Executive Board of the Consumer Electronics Association (the folks who put on CES in Las Vegas every year), and remains on that Board to this day. Gary holds the distinction of being the first retailer ever to serve on the CEA Executive Board.

    Gary says, "My retail experience got me into lots of people's homes, where I learned up close how they use and enjoy our products. My manufacturing experience taught me the best practices for designing and building them. But I was always first and foremost an enthusiast, with a love for audio and home theater all my life. That passion has helped me most at SVS!"

  • Dan Marks, Director of Operations

    Dan's journey to become SVS' Director of Operations is as inspiring as any in the audio industry. He started at SVS in 2001 building subwoofers in the garage that the Company then occupied. No one on the planet better understands how to build a subwoofer than Dan and through his time at SVS he showed a remarkable ability to adapt and tackle any task thrown his way.

    Dan manages production in our Ohio factory, supervises quality control that occurs almost to the molecular level, but mostly makes sure that SVS keeps all of its promises to you, our customers. Dan manages all aspects of company operations, including senior-level management, strategy, our web site, logistics, and even international sales. If SVS has an MVP, it's Dan!

  • Ed Mullen, Director of Technology & Customer Relations

    An SVS veteran, Ed's wide-ranging experience at SVS includes sales, tech support, product development, R&D and design, and administrative/executive management.

    Ed's primary responsibility is managing our customer service staff and consumer-direct sales. Ed is also responsible for messaging on our website, and remains the long-standing and respected 'face of SVS' in the blogs and A/V forums. A licensed professional engineer and an expert in subwoofer theory and design, Ed also serves as a technical resource for our product development staff.

  • Smith Freeman, Director of Product Management

    Smith Freeman fell in love with music as a young child and continued that passion for audio through his education in Physics at Dickinson College, and at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University where he received his Masters in Audio Engineering. In 2005, Smith entered the audio industry as a project manager and engineer for a small audio design firm in Los Angeles. Over the following years he developed hundreds of audio products for dozens of prestigious brands.

    Smith brings years of engineering and manufacturing experience to current and future SVS products. One of the dimensions of the SVS team that inspires Smith, is their drive to exceed the customer’s expectations. "The most exciting thing about working with SVS is that I know every product we debut will provide the maximum performance and value for the customer above all else. This is a huge departure from the way most audio companies prioritize design."

  • Eli Trinkle, Operations Manager

    Beginning in the dark depths of the SVS basement, Eli started out with the company as part of the small crew that hand assemble our infamous subwoofer drivers. With a rational approach to problem solving and a keen eye for detail, Eli branched to other assembly projects and key roles in assisting the work of our Engineering and R&D departments.

    These days, Eli helps to maintain the harmony of the daily operations of SVS. From keeping up with order fulfillment and the personnel that fill those orders, to maintaining a lot of our digital presence, he has the honor of wearing many hats for SVS.

Ask an SVS Sound Expert

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