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SVS High Performance

Deep, Powerful, Accurate Bass.
Award-Winning Performance. Impressive Value.

The subwoofer is not just another speaker: it is the cornerstone of your audio or home theater system, delivering the lowest frequencies to create cinematic thrills you can hear and feel, and emotional impact with every music note. Deep, accurate, powerful. SVS offers the very best subwoofers, with bass that will transform your listening experience.

Choose the Subwoofer Design
to Match Your Room

Sealed Box

SVS sealed subwoofers are lightning quick, robustly powerful and cleverly engineered for fine tuning so they work with your room to deliver a no-compromise listening experience.

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Ported Box

When you really want to step up your playback experience, our ported boxes are the big guns. Engineered to be clean and articulate, they also make beautiful music—something that lesser ported subwoofers can find challenging.

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Ported Cylinder

If your floor space is at a minimum, but you still crave astonishingly clean, accurate, low frequency slam for your high end home audio or home theater system, this is your subwoofer.

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The Press Raves About SVS Subwoofers

  • Digital Trends Logo

    “No matter what we threw at this subwoofer, it came back with exactly what we wanted to hear... If there is a more perfect subwoofer in production today, we haven't heard it yet.”

    Digital Trends, Review by Caleb Denison. Read Review

  • Home Theater Review Logo

    “SVS made its reputation on building some of the best subwoofers you can buy...and making them affordable to the average audio enthusiast…”

    Home Theater Review, Review by Brent Butterworth. Read Review

  • Sound & Vision Logo

    “Each sub reproduced deeper bass response that I could literally feel in my sternum; it shook the house!”

    Sound & Vision, Review by David Vaughn. Read Review

  • The Poor Audiophile Logo

    “Thanks to SVS, gone are the days where you need to have a six figure audio system to be the envy of your friends and neighbors… a real price-performance achievement.”

    The Poor Audiophile. Read Review

Why Choose an SVS Subwoofer?

Astonishingly Deep Frequency Response

Ultra low bass that delivers immersive impact so powerful you can hear and even feel it.

Massive, Effortless Power

Capable of delivering concert or movie theater level volumes, with pinpoint speed and transient response.

Accurate, Detailed Sound

Flat and balanced, delivering all of the frequencies the artist or director intended, and none that shouldn’t be there. Never boomy.

Intelligent Integration

Advanced Digital Signal Processing for seamless blending with your full range or satellite speakers for a complexly convincing high end home theater experience.


SVS has the perfect subwoofer for every speaker. Use our Merlin engine and find the exact match for your speakers, instantly!

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Experience the SVS Difference

Exceptional performance, unmatched value.
As conventional audio brands focus less on performance and value, SVS has stood against the grain, developing products that truly stand out in a world dominated by mediocre subwoofers delivering disappointing and inaccurate bass. Bringing together the cutting-edge technologies, the finest components, and lifetime technical support, we deliver an audio experience no one matches at a price no one approaches.

Every SVS subwoofer is engineered to amaze.
When it comes to design, we are relentless in our pursuit to get the absolute best at every level of engineering, design, and build quality. The result: deep, powerful, clean sound that maximizes your home theater or music experience and delivers performance that exceeds all expectations.