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When you don’t have the floor space or layout to accommodate the larger footprint of a ported box, cylinder ported subwoofers reach for the sky. With height and modest circumference, they match the enclosure volume of their stout ported-box counterparts. Tucked in the corner, these subwoofers can deliver immense punch to movies and music played back at high levels. They are right at home in space and style-restricted large rooms—great rooms, and home theaters.
High-performance proprietary SVS driver delivers both amazing sound effect punch and superb musical playback with ultra low distortion.
Sophisticated Class D amplifier provides custom DSP (digital signal processing) for effortless performance and refinement at all volume levels.
Cylinder design matches SVS ported cabinet performance but with smaller footprint. Gives more placement options in space and layout confined home theaters.
Iconic SVS cylinder design uses height to achieve optimal enclosure volume. The result: excellent deep bass efficiency and output.
Deep-tuned, high-flow porting allows maximum output reinforcement at the deepest ‘rolling-thunder’ frequencies.
Cylinder Subwoofers
PC12-NSD / $649.99
Calling this an ‘entry level cylinder’ is like getting in Subwoofer Tower on the 52nd floor. Surprising output, clarity and punch.
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PC12-Plus / $1,199.99
Musical and monstrous rolled into one. Spine-tingling depth and chest-thumping impact at cinema playback levels.

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PC13-Ultra / $1,699.99
The height of SVS performance. Iconic vertical design delivers ultimate bass with minimal footprint.

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