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When you really want to step up your playback experience, our ported boxes are the big guns. At high playback volumes they create the dramatic, immersive experience of IMAX-style theaters. They are right at home in mid-sized home theaters, great rooms and large open-concept spaces. Engineered to be clean and articulate, they also make beautiful music—something that lesser ported subwoofers can find challenging. Bigger, heavier and with larger footprints than our other subwoofers, these are born to deliver full-on drama and delight.
High-performance proprietary SVS driver delivers both amazing sound effect punch and superb musical playback with ultra low distortion.
Sophisticated Class D amplifier provides custom DSP (digital signal processing) for effortless performance and refinement at all volume levels.
Deep-tuned, high-flow porting allows maximum output reinforcement at the deepest ‘rolling-thunder’ frequencies.
Generous, driver-optimized cabinet volume enhances deep bass efficiency and output.
Ported Subwoofers
PB-1000 - 110V
PB-1000 / $499.99
Deep bass that doesn't require deep pockets. The most forceful, detailed bass you can get for under $500.

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PB-2000 - 110V - Black Ash
PB-2000 / $799.99
From heroic slam to symphonic subtlety — SVS’s newest pumps out astounding precision, performance and value.
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PB12-Plus parent
PB12-Plus / $1,399.99
The subtleties of jazz, to the chest-crushing bazooka blasts of Hollywood blockbusters. All at a mid-level price.

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PB13-Ultra parent
PB13-Ultra / $1,999.99
Monstrous impact, yet delicate musical detail—the pinnacle of SVS technology and audio passion.

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