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Astonishing Dynamics. World-Class Refinement.

To create the Ultra Series, we started with extremely high expectations—and then set out to exceed them in every arena. We drew on our deepest reserves of passion, expertise and decades in audio.

In keeping with the SVS process, the Ultra Series was digitally prototyped, then developed with FEA optimization, and scientifically tested in anechoic chambers. Endless hours were spent doing what we love the most: We listened, tweaked, and listened again to all kinds of movies and music in a multitude of real-world listening rooms. Relentlessly. Only then was the Ultra Series ready to delight audio’s most passionate listeners—including you.

Ultra Technology

No Compromise

We’ve long believed the joys of high-end audio were too great to be enjoyed by so few. Our vision was clear. The new Ultra Series speakers were to do what many high-end systems can’t. They must rival the audiophile refinement and accuracy of exclusive brands. And, they must deliver the awesome dynamics of the most demanding content. Both. Not one or the other. No compromise. We’re proud to say, the Ultra Series does precisely that. It delivers a world-class level of performance in a beautiful modern package—all at renowned SVS value.

Dynamics Of A Custom Theater System, Neutrality & Ambience Audiophile System...

Sound & Vision

SVS Ultra Series

Ultra Tower

Ultra Tower

$ 999.99

Flagship tower loudspeaker with 3.5-way crossover, 1" aluminum dome tweeter, dual 6.5" midrange drivers and dual horizontally-opposed 8" woofers.

Ultra Bookshelf

Ultra Bookshelf

$ 499.99

Reference-grade bookshelf monitor with 2-way crossover, 1" aluminum dome tweeter and 6.5" woofer.

Ultra Center

Ultra Center

$ 699.99

Premium center channel loudspeaker with 3-way crossover, 1" aluminum dome tweeter, 4" vertically-aligned midrange driver and dual 6.5" woofers.

Ultra Surround

Ultra Surround

$ 599.99

Premium surround loudspeaker with dual 1" dome tweeters, dual 5.5" woofers and bipole, dipole and Duet configuration modes.

Experience SVS Audio 100% Risk-free

Experience SVS Audio 100% Risk-free

The best place to audition any speaker or subwoofer isn't a noisy store; it's your own home, in the exact listening room where you will enjoy them!

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