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Tower speakers, (aka. floorstanding speakers) are typically full-range loudspeakers used as the main left and right speakers in a stereo pair or the front L/R channels in a home theater surround sound system. Although, they can certainly be used in other ways. Unlike satellite or bookshelf speakers, tower speakers are placed directly on the floor without the need for furniture or speaker stands.

Hallmarks a world-class tower speaker include wide dynamic range, accuracy at all frequencies and room-energizing sonic impact. To achieve this, all SVS tower speakers feature high-performance woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters blended seamlessly together with sophisticated SoundMatch crossovers. The result uncompromising sound that extends from airy, unveiled highs and a crystal-clear midrange down to accurate and room-energizing bass you can feel.

SVS manufacturers three different tower speakers, the Prime Tower, Prime Pinnacle and Ultra Tower. All three models embody all the characteristics of a true audiophile speaker - revealing clarity, unerring accuracy, and pinpoint transient speed. Every musical track is rendered faithfully to how the artist intended. SVS floorstanding speakers also unleash stunning low frequency extension and breathtaking dynamics, meaning they can reproduce all the thrills and excitement present in the most demanding action movie soundtracks.

Whether you’re a highly discerning audiophile or an action movie junkie who only plays at reference volume, SVS tower speakers deliver a thrilling and immersive experience.

Choosing the Right SVS Tower Speaker

When choosing the best SVS tower speaker for your stereo hifi or home theater system, it’s important to understand the unique qualities of each. The comparison below will help you make the best choice possible.

Prime Tower - $499.99 each

Considered among the top loudspeakers under $1,000 with all the qualities of a high-end reference floorstanding speaker, but at a much more inclusive price. Excellent clarity and imaging, exciting dynamics, punchy and detailed bass, all from a compact and elegant cabinet that will fit in any room. The Prime Tower does everything well and can easily be integrated into any home theater or stereo system.

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Prime Pinnacle - $799.99 each

In the same family as Prime Tower but it features a more advanced internal design with a larger cabinet with more drivers. These enhancements create a more refined and broad soundstage with extreme linearity and effortless low frequency response. The added drivers and cabinet volume are a better fit if you have a very large room and/or really like to crank it when listening, and also provide a bigger sweet spot.

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Ultra Tower - $999.99 each

The reference flagship loudspeaker in the SVS line-up. It conveys a massive soundstage with precise imaging and crisp dynamics and commands a room with bass you can feel, while remaining accurate in frequency response. Featuring dual-opposing 8-inch woofers and the sweeping cabinet profile with no parallel surfaces, the Ultra Tower speaker outperforms in every measurable way.

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Latest SVS Tower Speaker Reviews

“They are more detailed and more "hi-fi" than anything we've heard at this price before.”

“For the perfect blend of price, performance, and gorgeously detailed sound for your home theater space, there is no better option. An immersive listening experience that is second to none at this price.” -Digital Trends

Dynamics of a custom theater system, neutrality and ambience of an audiophile speaker, all for a price that significantly lowers the price of entry into real HiFi. Easily Certified and Recommended.” -Sound & Vision

“A marvel of sound design. These speakers can uncoil the sound and reach well above their price point. Easy recommendations for the aspiring but sensible home theater enthusiast.” -HighDefDigest

“Utterly magnificent bass. Fluid and captivating articulation in the mids, with warmth and clarity to voices. Intriguing and captivating design with great stereo imaging. Easily among the best floorstanding speakers available.” -Master Switch

“The bass from the quartet of 8in drivers and that weapons-grade hammer of a bass driver is wondrous. The SVS tower speaker’s midband and effortless, soaring, clean and pure highs were able to entertain as well as unnerve.” -Home Cinema Choice

Row of awards won by SVS.

Build a Custom Home Theater with the SVS System Builder and Save

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The SVS System Builder tool allows you to customize your own speaker and subwoofer package from 5.1 up to whatever surround sound system array you choose. Because all SVS Prime and Ultra Series speakers are timbre-matched, you can combine speakers from both Series into a single system to best accommodate your room, budget and other factors. Best of all, you save 5% on any system that includes 5 or more SVS products.

You can browse our other speakers below, explore existing SVS speaker systems, or customize your own with the speaker and subwoofer system builder, and save while doing it!

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SVS Prime Series Speakers

Prime Wireless Speaker System - $599.99 each

The SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System combines immersive, reference quality sound with smart speaker control and future facing connectivity.

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Prime Satellite - $134.99 each

The Prime Satellite speakers redefine performance in the small speaker category with massive output and incredible refinement, all from a lifestyle-friendly cabinet.

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Prime Elevation - $199.99 each

Prime Elevation speakers easily mount to the wall or ceiling as direct radiating height effects speaker for Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and Auro-3D®. Also versatile enough to play as main, center, rear/side surrounds or LCR speakers when ideal room placement isn’t possible.

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SVS Ultra Series Speakers

Ultra Bookshelf - $499.99 each

Reference bookshelf speakers with flawless tonal balance, stunning dynamics, unveiled highs and amazing low frequency extension. The Ultra Bookshelf speakers perform in the echelon of the world’s finest audiophile and home theater loudspeakers, yet cost a fraction of the price.

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Ultra Center - $699.99 each

Reference 3-way Ultra Center speaker anchors the front stage of a home theater with stunning dynamics, massive soundstage and pristine clarity for unerring realism and dialogue intelligibility.

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Ultra Surround - $499.99 each

Acoustically optimized dedicated surround speaker is neutral enough to blend with any system while still conveying head-turning sonic impact and dynamics. Plays in bipole, dipole or Duet mode as 2 speakers in one cabinet.

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SVS Speaker Design Philosophy

When designing high performance loudspeakers, even the smallest details have acoustic consequences. Our engineers scrutinize every build material, cabinet angle, engineering process and measurement to achieve a level of audio excellence that is unmistakably SVS.

In this two-part “Understanding Speakers” video series, SVS President Gary Yacoubian explores how an idea becomes an SVS speaker in Part One and offers tips for choosing your perfect speaker in Part Two.

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