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Unlock Your Home Audio System’s Full Potential.

A home theater or HiFi system is only as good as its weakest link, so it’s true that cables and accessories play an important role in ensuring your setup sounds its best. Traditionally, there’ve been two choices; overpriced high-end cables and accessories that make outlandish claims based on snake oil science; or poorly made options that compromise performance. Neither really favors the audio enthusiast.

Enter SVS SoundPath. High-performance audio accessories at prices within reach of anyone who loves great sound. Whether you’re looking for a cable to connect your subwoofer or other components, a wireless audio adapter, premium speaker cables or a subwoofer isolation system to optimize bass and avoid disturbing your neighbors, SVS has a 5-star solution.

Works with nearly every subwoofer brand and model to improve bass performance while drastically reducing floor and wall vibrations, noise artifacts and complaints from neighbors or roommates.
Pure copper conductors with 24K gold plated brass connectors and five-layer dielectric insulation system maintain pristine signal between subwoofers and audio components so your system always sound...
Hand-soldered with custom terminations by our craftsmen in Ohio to any length you desire with choice of 24K gold plated brass spades, 24K gold plated copper banana plugs, or a combination of both.
Premium 14-gauge speaker cables available in 50 or 100 foot spools offer uncompromising signal fidelity. Great for long distance runs in multi-channel surround sound or stereo systems.
24K gold-plated banana plug and spade connector pairs provide secure and stable signal connection between speaker cables and binding posts, AVRs or multi-channel amplifiers.
Create dual subwoofer connections from a single RCA output or SUB Out on your AV receiver to enjoy more even bass response and all the benefits of multiple subwoofers.
Sturdy and handsome Sanus steel stand is the ideal choice for SVS Prime or Ultra Center speakers in multi-channel home theater surround sound systems.
Sturdy and handsome Sanus steel stand is the ideal choice for SVS Prime or Ultra Bookshelf speakers in stereo or multi-channel surround sound systems.
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