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What are the Best Speakers for Turntables?

Vinyl is back, with a vengeance. Sales have risen 30% over the last 10 years and are at their highest level since 1988. The amount of revenue generated from vinyl album sales in...

7 Reasons Why Home Theater Surround Sound Offers a Better Audio Experience than a Soundbar

If sound quality and immersive experiences are the top priorities in your home audio upgrade, home theater surround sound has the upper hand on soundbars for more than the obvi...

Getting Started With Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D

Immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and Auro 3D® are taking home theater audio to the next level by adding height effects to what has traditionally been a singl...

Choosing Between Bookshelf and Tower Speakers

Our Sound Experts frequently get questions about the differences between and benefits of bookshelf and tower speakers. Choosing between bookshelf vs. tower speakers (also known ...

Strengths and Pitfalls of Big Subwoofer Drivers

Low frequency extension and sound pressure level (SPL) are widely considered the two most important factors of a subwoofer’s performance. The laws of physics dictate that a mass...

Best Uses for Satellite Speakers

What are Satellite Speakers? Satellite speakers typically have the smallest cabinets of any speaker powered by an AV receiver and their size gives them great flexibility to pla...

Subwoofer Matching and Why a Big Subwoofer Isn't Always Better

Adding a subwoofer can be one of the most powerful upgrades you can make to your home theater or stereo system. Only a dedicated subwoofer is capable of producing deep and effor...

What is a Height Effects Speaker?

Emerging audio formats such as Dolby Atmos®*, DTS:X® and Auro 3D® are taking surround sound to the next level by adding a height dimension to what has traditionally been a sin...

How To Build The Ultimate Home Theater

Even if you’re not an audio-video expert or connoisseur, your senses allow you to appreciate the difference between regular home movie, music, TV and gaming experiences and a tr...

The SVS Outlet Store Quality Assurance Gauntlet

On the rare occasion when products are returned because of our 45-Day Risk-Free In-home Trial, or for some other reason, they are often re-sold in the SVS Outlet Store in like...

Tips for Setting the Proper Crossover Frequency for a Subwoofer

The crossover frequency of your subwoofer is the frequency at which your speakers start to roll off and your subwoofer kicks in with LFEs and bass notes. Most modern AV recei...

Placement Tips for a Center Channel Speaker

While underrated, the center channel is arguably the most important speaker in a surround sound system since nearly 70% of all audio playback comes through the center channel a...

Top 10 Legendary Audio Demos from Bad Movies

It’s a shared joke in the audio world that some of the best demos in music and movies come from malodorous content. A spirited debate recently erupted in the SVS offices over m...

Is a Subwoofer Important for Music?

There’s a lingering sentiment in the audiophile community that subwoofers are only for home theater and the benefits to music playback are suspect or even negative. It’s true ...

5 of the Best Home Theater Subwoofer Movie Moments

There’s no feeling quite like the deep impactful reverberations of an explosion, fight scene or other sonically charged action movie moment, punctuated by a truly great subwoofe...

Who are the Modern Audiophiles?

Our president, Gary Yacoubian, was recently asked to contribute his thoughts on what it means to be an audiophile in 2016 for a popular consumer electronics industry magazine (r...

Why High Quality Speaker and Interconnect Cables Matter

It’s always been a hotly debated topic in the audio community: How much do cables affect a system’s performance? Audio cables have traditionally fallen into two camps. On one ...

The Essentials of a Spine-Tingling, Chest-Thumping Home Theater Experience

A great audio system should stimulate your senses to a point where you feel transported to a dark basement, perilous battlefield, raucous stadium, distant planet, or wherever yo...

Optimizing Your Home Theater Audio for Streaming & Cable

Are you getting the best audio experience from your streaming devices? You will with these optimization tips from Ed Mullen.

How does a Great Home Theater System Benefit the Gaming Experience?

Modern games are created to be immersive experiences. Learn how great home theater setup can make for even greater play.

Understanding DSP

Unlock the full power of your Sledge equipped Plus and Ultra subwoofers.

Choosing the Best Subwoofer for your Home Theater

SVS customer service director and sound expert, Ed Mullen, explains what to look for in a subwoofer ‒ from form factor, to playback and aesthetic integration.

Designing Prime Speakers

A Q&A on the creation and development of our Prime Speakers with SVS Speaker Designer, Smith Freeman.

Intro to Dolby Atmos

You’ve heard of this new technology, but what does it mean? More importantly, how can you take advantage and integrate it into your system?

Caring For Your Gloss Speaker or Subwoofer

Improper cleaning can damage your gloss finish! Learn how to safely care for and keep your gear looking like new.

The Art Of Speaker Placement

The right speakers need the right integration! Ed Mullen explains how to setup two channel and multi-channel systems for the very best listening experience!

The Art of Subwoofer Placement

When it comes to bass, a few feet can make a world of difference. Ed Mullen explains how to find your room’s subwoofer sweet spot, for that incredible low end.

Digital Bass Management - A Primer

Incorrect settings on your receiver can lead to a poor listening experience. We walk you through the basics of digital bass management to get the most from your entire system.

Sealed Vs Ported

Our most common question answered in a few simple steps – learn what’s right for your system and listening needs.

Why Go Dual?

From increased output to balanced sound, going dual can add to your system. Learn why and if it’s the right move for your room.

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