6 Room-Shaking Subwoofer & Speaker Demos from the 2020s

6 Room-Shaking Subwoofer & Speaker Demos from the 2020s

SVS has been traveling the globe doing live events and we are often asked by home theater fans, “What is a good movie to test my subwoofer or speakers?” We always bring old standbys like Jurassic Park, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Edge of Tomorrow, but we also like to keep things fresh with new Blu Ray demo content to show off our subwoofers and surround sound speaker.

Nothing puts you in the middle of the action like deep low frequency bass you can feel and cinematic surround sound that transports you to another world. Here are six recent movies we recommend for delivering immersive, seat-shaking fun when showing off your home theater to family and friends.

The Batman – The most recent entry into this classic franchise provides the most thrilling and dynamic car chase scene from them all as The Penguin attempts to evade the Batmobile on a busy highway. Head-turning surround effects, gut-punching bass, and all sorts of vehicular mayhem combine to create the marquee home theater demo of the movie.

Top Gun: Maverick – No surprise here. Perhaps the biggest movie release of 2022, the climactic final mission flight sequence with Tom Cruise leading his squadron through mountainous caverns features incredibly Dolby Atmos overhead sound, bombastic bass, and armrest gripping drama.

John Wick 4 - The opening scene is a potent subwoofer workout as we see John Wick pummeling a rope covered pillar as he trains. Later, an action-packed fight scene shot from an overhead perspective provides a ton of LFE energy from explosive shotgun shells to general fisticuffs.

Creed III - A surprising amount of LFE energy from the various fight scenes brings the drama of being in the ring with a heavyweight to your couch.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – Nothing add to the adventure like bass that transports you to another world and this underrated cinematic treat takes you on a journey punctuated by moments of guttural subwoofer goodness.

Godzilla vs. Kong - When two mega-monsters meet for the first time, you know you’re in for an LFE treat. The scene where Godzilla and King Kong come to blows in the middle of the ocean with an assortment of aircraft carriers and battleships at their disposal creates one of the most explosive cinematic sequences of the past several years.

The sound in today’s movies is more immersive than ever with truly gut-punching bass, three-dimensional sound from Dolby Atmos speakers, and breathtaking dynamic range that will suspend your sense of disbelief. If you’re not experiencing visceral slam and impact, head-turning surround effects, and crystal-clear clarity in your home theater, it may be time for an upgrade.

The SVS Sound Experts are standing by to help you build the perfect surround sound system or you can start browsing our acclaimed speakers and subwoofers below.

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