Comparing Ported vs. Sealed Subwoofers for Home Theater

One of the first questions many people ask when choosing a new powered home subwoofer or replacing an old one is, should I go with a ported or sealed box cabinet enclosure?

In this video, the SVS Sound Experts discuss the differences between ported and sealed home theater subwoofers as well the unique acoustic properties of each. You'll learn which type of subwoofer is ideal for max SPLs (sound pressure levels) and deep bass extension as well as which tends to be more musical, with tighter and punchier bass. We also cover the visual and physical impact each subwoofer has on a room and which is ideal for various listening preferences.

One of the SVS subwoofer design philosophies is to narrow the gap between ported and sealed box subwoofer designs. Meaning, SVS sealed box subwoofers have amazing output and low frequency extension and SVS ported box and ported cylinder subs are exceptionally quick with pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients.

Nov 27, 2023