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SoundPath One Speaker Cable

Premium 14-gauge speaker cables available in 50 or 100 foot spools.
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SoundPath One Speaker Cable
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SoundPath One Speaker Cable SoundPath One Speaker Cable

Length:50 Foot Spool

29.99 each
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Affordable, High End Speaker Cable

SVS SoundPath One Speaker cables are a smarter alternative to cheap bulk speaker wire and cable. The premium 14-gauge cables come in 50 or 100 foot spools and features electromagnetic shielding for noise isolation and premium build quality that outclasses anything anywhere near their price range.

Why SVS SoundPath One Cables?

SVS SoundPath One Speaker Cables are constructed with the finest cabling materials, expert fabrication techniques and clever design elements. The cables are constructed with 14 AWG 99.99% stranded copper wire for exceptional signal transfer and fidelity, even over long distances and are an ideal solution for wiring multi-channel surround sound for home theaters or connecting two-channel stereo systems.

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What’s the Difference Between SVS SoundPath One and SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables?

SVS Soundpath Speaker Wire comparison Ultra One
Custom, Metal Stranding and Annealing Process to Maximize Ductility and Strength x x
99.99%, OSD Oxygen Free Copper For Pristine Signal Transfer, High Dynamic Range and, Exceptional Conductivity with Minimal Interference x x
Insulated, Dielectric Outer Shell for added Durability and Interference Rejection x x
Rounded, Cable Design for Easy Termination and Cable Separation x x
High, Tensile Protective Braided Sleeve for Insulation, Interference Rejection and, Easy Handling x
Dual-Layer, Dielectric Shielding for Insulation, Noise Rejection and Signal Purity x
Custom, Hand-Terminated in Ohio with Individually Soldered Banana Plugs, Spades or, Combination of Both x
Custom, Length Cable Runs to Order, Hand Terminated by SVS Craftsman in Ohio x

Smartly Designed for Easy Set-up

To make system set-up as easy as possible, SVS SoundPath One Speaker Cables are color coded for easy polarity identification and feature a rounded design for simple stripping and separation by hand. Foot markers on the cables allow for easy measurement and termination based on your room’s specific dimensions.

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Tech Specs


  • 14 AWG stranded speaker wire – larger gauge with better fidelity than most bulk spools for better signal flow and longer wire than the competition.
  • Each of the conductors is made from 41 strands of 99.99% OFC stranded copper conductor –allow consistent signal flow, high signal purity, and minimize signal loss.
  • Negative side is tinned and positive side has natural copper color as well as text for easy polarity identification.
  • Unique SVS printing on – 1ft marking printed for easy length calculation and polarity identification
  • 5.0mm Semi-clear matte PVC insulated dielectric – Durability and reduces outside interferences signals more than common speaker wire.
  • Round shape – Easy to strip and pull apart

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