Gold RCA Y Adapter

Gold RCA Y Adapter

Create dual subwoofer connections from a single RCA output or SUB Out on your AV receiver to enjoy more even bass response and all the benefits of multiple subwoofers.

Gold RCA Y Adapter
Gold RCA Y Adapter

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Gold RCA Y Adapter

Product Overview

This RCA signal splitter features a solid metal construction for the ultimate in durability and reliability. All contact surfaces are gold-plated to ensure the highest signal integrity, and the male RCA jack features a turbine-style outer ring to ensure a tight and secure connection. The streamlined profile with right-angle female jacks makes connections easy in tight areas.

This RCA splitter is perfect for connecting two subwoofers to a single subwoofer output jack. It can also be used to connect a subwoofer and a full-range loudspeaker amplifier to a 2-channel pre/pro which only has one set of pre-outs.

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  • Highest quality solid metal construction for the ultimate in durability and reliability.
  • All contact surfaces gold-plated for optimal signal integrity.
  • Male RCA features a turbine-style outer ring for a secure and tight connection.
  • Streamlined profile with right-angle female RCA jacks for easy connection in tight areas.
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