Press Reviews

  • Stereophile

    "Accurate and immersive...a mature product from a company that is elevating its game to compete with the high-end offerings of the two-channel world."
  • AV Nirvana

    "A harmonious blend of elegant design and high-performance audio components. Ultra Evolution is poised to deliver a new echelon of performance."
  • SoundStage

    “Bass was impressively deep but also controlled and tight. What really took me aback was how neutral the midrange sounded and how refined the highs were. A superbly voiced loudspeaker.”
  • Subwoofer 101 Reviews 3000 Micro Subwoofer

    “Amazing design and well-constructed, easy to integrate and punches well beyond its size. At times, the output left my mind blown. The low end is clean with no distortion, and performs extremely well in both 2-channel and home theater setups. Well done SVS!” Read Full Review
  • HiFi Brothers Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair

    “A fantastic product made for anybody and everybody. The output and sound quality from these two wireless bookshelf speakers is incredible. From setup to connectivity, they’re seamless and far exceeded my expectations. An easy recommendation.” Read Full Review
  • HiFi AV Tech Reviews SB16-Ultra Subwoofer

    “A premium choice for audio enthusiasts seeking incredible volume, powerful bass and distortion free sound. Its top notch construction and flexible connectivity options make it a standout addition to any home theater system, delivering a cinematic experience that will leave you awestruck.” Read Full Review
  • HiFi AV Tech Reviews PB-1000 Pro Subwoofer

    “A true powerhouse, the PB-1000 Pro redefines the standards for subwoofers in its price range. With room shaking output and astonishing precision, it delivers an immersive audio experience that exceeds expectations. An absolute game changer!”

    Read Full Review
  • ‘Mad Audio’ Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair

    “Extremely well-balanced, clean and accurate sound quality from a stunning pair of wireless speakers that left me blown away. The connectivity options make these very versatile and the bass was damn good. They check every box, highly recommend!” Read Full Review
  • Audiophile Heaven Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair and Adds to its “Audio Products Hall of Fame”

    “Clean, detailed and airy with rich detailed and smooth sound. These are speakers that can easily take on $2,999 speakers and still come out winners. They can fill the room as well as floorstanding models can, and still be wireless, self-powered, have a functional streaming app, and line in. It is a package that is next to impossible to beat.” Read Full Review
  • Future Audiophile Names SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase as Gear of the Year (Digital Audiophile Product)

    “For an impossibly low price, you get everything an entry-level audiophile needs to enjoy great sound – just add speakers.” Read Full Review
  • Future Audiophile Names SB-3000 Gear of the Year (Subwoofer)

    “An overachiever of a subwoofer that, for a very reasonable price, can take audio systems to a new level.” Read Full Review
  • AV Gadgets Honors PB-1000 Pro Subwoofer with “AV Gadgets Approved”

    “As accurate as any subwoofer that I have ever tested. The bass was clear, low, and made my room absolutely vibrate. The only issue that I have with the SVS PB-1000 Pro is that when paired with my second sub, I can take my system to uncomfortable levels of bass.” Read Full Review
  • New York Times Spotlights SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer in Feature Article

    “If you want a small, high-output subwoofer that punches way above its class and doesn’t detract from a room’s decor— SVS SB-1000 Pro is the model we recommend.” Read Full Review
  • StillBlue Home Theater (YouTube) Reviews SVS Prime Center Speaker

    “The Prime Center speaker is a smaller center channel, but it sure packs a punch. Really easy to integrate into the front stage, the output is crystal clear and dialogue is crisp. Super impressive by SVS!”
  • Future Audiophile Reviews SVS Prime Wireless Pro SoundBase,

    “Great power, useable decoding/streaming formats, smooth functionality with no glitches or hiccups, and has an HDMI input that allows it to serve as a stereo AV receiver. Audiophile greatness at a price nearly any enthusiast can afford. SVS truly found the sweet spot with this one.” Read Full Review
  • Residential Systems Reviews Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair

    “A great value considering it is an out-of-box, fully working system, including streaming, inputs for external sources, and amplification…You very quickly stop thinking of Prime Wireless Pro as a wireless speaker system and just think of it as an amazing 2-channel speaker package.” Read Full Review
  • StillBlue Home Theater (YouTube) Reviews Prime Pinnacle Speakers

    “I love how the Prime Pinnacle speakers have such a small footprint but produce so much output. Whether I’m watching movies or listening to music, the sound is breathtaking and at higher output levels, it’s consistent with no distortion. An easy recommendation.” Read Full Review
  • AV Nirvana Reviews SVS SoundPath Ultra HDMI Cable

    “A very robust and well-made cable that not only passes fit and finish, but also performance. The 24K gold-plated connectors and OFC copper conductors backs the build quality and easily supports 4K or 8K resolution. Highly recommended!” Read Full Review
  • Erin’s Audio Corner (YouTube) Reviews SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

    “The Ultra Bookshelf speaker produces a very smooth in-room response with incredible output and detail. They’re extremely versatile in terms of usage, whether that be in a home theater application, 2-channel or desktop setup, they’re winners all the way around.” Read Full Review
  • Home Theater Review Honors SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker Pair as “Best Computer Speakers for Audiophiles”

    “A complete sonic experience, delivering performance that gives higher-priced options a serious run for the money. Our No.1 choice in powered speaker systems ensuring uncompromising audio fidelity at a surprisingly affordable price point.” Read Full Review