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SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals

Affordable banana plug and spade connector pairs for terminating most speaker wire.
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SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals
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Spade Banana SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals


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SVS SoundPath Speaker Cable Terminals provide a strong and stable electrical connection between speaker cables and binding posts, AVRs and multi-channel amplifiers. Excellent for use with SVS SoundPath One Cables, or those from other brands, SVS SoundPath terminals are easy to assemble and never need replacing.

SVS SoundPath Spade Terminals

Spade lugs or terminals are generally preferred for the wires or cables feeding into speakers because the spades offer the most surface area contact with binding posts and because they can be screwed tightly into place for a more secure connection. SVS SoundPath Spade terminals are made with a highly conductive 24K gold plated brass body and expertly machined to fit all SVS speaker terminals, and those from most other manufacturers as well. The terminals have rubber grips and textured junctions on the plugs and internal teeth that grab and bind with stripped speaker wire to make terminating easy and secure.

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SVS SoundPath Banana Plugs

Banana plugs are ideal for use with most modern surround sound AV receivers and multi-channel amplifiers. SVS SoundPath Banana Plugs feature a precision machined 24K gold plated brass body with electroplating finish for high conductivity and pristine signal transfer. Rubber grips and textured junctions on the plugs make the plugs easy to work with and the internal teeth grab and bind with stripped speaker wire for strong and long-lasting contact.

Need Speaker Cables Too?

Try our SVS SoundPath One Speaker cable in 50ft and 100ft bulk spools of 14-gauge cable with easy length markings and clear positive/negative denotations. Want a more high-end solution? Check out our premium SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cables, hand terminated to the length of your choice and include our own spade and banana terminations.

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Tech Specs


  • 24K Gold plated brass spade or banana terminals for best electrical contact with bare wire and speaker and amplifier terminals
  • Precision machined brass body with electroplating finish for a solid build and substantial feel
  • Rubber grip and textured junctions for easy assembly
  • Internal teeth grab and bind with stripped speaker wire for long lasting and robust contact
  • Works great with SoundPath One Speaker Cable or other speaker wire as large as 10 gauge

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