Press Reviews

  • StillBlue Home Theater (YouTube) Reviews SVS Prime Center Speaker

    “The Prime Center speaker is a smaller center channel, but it sure packs a punch. Really easy to integrate into the front stage, the output is crystal clear and dialogue is crisp. Super impressive by SVS!”
  • StillBlue Home Theater (YouTube) Reviews Prime Pinnacle Speakers

    “I love how the Prime Pinnacle speakers have such a small footprint but produce so much output. Whether I’m watching movies or listening to music, the sound is breathtaking and at higher output levels, it’s consistent with no distortion. An easy recommendation.” Read Full Review
  • Future Audiophile Reviews SVS Prime Pinnacle Speaker

    “These speakers are fun. To SVS’ credit, achieving the fun factor without sacrificing other aspects of the audiophile experience is no easy feat. Resolute sound, rock-solid build quality, fantastic customer service, and, most importantly, a price that many music lovers can afford make this a speaker that can hang with floorstanding speakers costing twice as much.” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Kpaceguy’ Reviews Prime Pinnacle Speakers

    “The Prime Pinnacle speakers left me beyond impressed. From listening to my favorite music tracks and movie scenes, they sound phenomenal in a home theater or two channel application. Not only are they overachievers, they look amazing too.” Read Full Review
  • YouTuber ‘Cheapaudioman’ Reviews Prime Pinnacle Speaker

    “The Prime Pinnacle tower speakers are extremely refined, well balanced and mature in terms of a being a true audiophile solution. By far one of the best speakers that can run dual duties with both music and movies. Absolutely flawless in terms of output and frequency response. Highly recommend!”
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  • YouTuber ‘Classy Tech Calibrations’ Reviews Prime Pinnacle Speaker

    “Delivers an incredible listening experience with exceptional output and clarity. Blows away my old tower speakers and makes movie watching so much more enjoyable. An easy recommendation.”
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  • Home Theater Review Includes SVS Prime Elevation in “Best Speakers for Dolby Atmos”

    “The Multi-Purpose Wall Bracket that allows you to easily mount them to the wall or ceiling. Aesthetics are outstanding and will easily fit in with the interior of your home. Midrange is dynamic and detailed, while the treble is crisp and clear. An elite speaker.”
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  • YouTuber “Cheap Audio Man” Reviews Prime Tower Speakers

    "The SVS Prime Tower speakers are built wonderfully, sound amazing and are very balanced. They handle all genres of music and movies perfectly. Highly recommend!"
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  • Home Media Entertainment Reviews the Prime Tower

    “Quality is top notch, performance unquestionable and can be an ideal choice if you are either a home theater fan or an audiophile. Easily competes with speakers that cost much more.”
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  • YouTuber Ealan Osborne Crowns Prime Elevation as Top Dolby Atmos Speaker in Shootout

    “They come with their own mounting system and the versatility is just bonkers. Deeper bass than all the others and provides outstanding, full-sounding audio from a compact speaker design.”
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  • MaddApple Ranks Prime Satellite “Best Satellite Speakers for 2021

    “From the moment you feel the weight of the Prime Satellite Speaker it becomes clear that no other satellite speaker offers this level of audiophile design, high-end components, and precise build quality. Outclass the tiny and tinny surround speakers designed to be more form than performer.”
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  • SVS Prime Pinnacle Earns “Reference” Status in 5-Star Review

    “Detailed, full-range sound, a speaker that sounds like it costs far more. The construction is top-notch, and the sound quality is fantastic. Listening to stereo music on these was a complete joy, and they will serve as the basis of a great two-channel or multi-channel system.”
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  • The Master Switch Reviews the Prime Pinnacle

    "The SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers deliver warm and engaging sound quality that is quite addictive. Bass on is just sublime. The construction and build quality are top notch—a premium design without the premium price. The SVS Prime Pinnacles are an example of superb engineering and dedication to excellent sound, and we think they are as close to essential as a pair of loudspeakers get."
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  • HM Entertainment Reviews the Prime Pinnacle Loudspeaker

    "The towers were able to dig deep yet feel refined enough to deliver musical details with convincing realism. Along with a rock-solid mid-range and energetic highs the Prime Pinnacle towers offer great flexibility when it comes to their use. The kind of speakers you cannot go wrong with. Whether you are a home cinema fanatic or music audiophile these towers will blow your mind and fill your room with quality sound. Highly recommended."
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  • AV Nirvana Reviews the SVS Prime Pinnacle Speaker

    "Stellar performers in any well-integrated home theater system. Clarity, slam and impact, coupled with the ability to recreate subtle atmospherics, make them ideal in a high-end home theater. Audiophile grade. A well implemented, great sounding speaker for a very reasonable amount."
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  • Home Cinema Choice Reviews Prime 5.1.2 System

    "High frequencies are crisp and attacking, bass depth and slam are never in doubt. Front-of-house scale is appreciably big, and the LCR and height/surrounds mesh well to make a wraparound soundfield. Perfectly suited to blockbuster cinema, it's capable of sounding utterly brutal, but doesn't skimp on clarity, imaging precision and cohesion. Highly impressive.*****"
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  • YouTuber “Techno Dad” Reviews Prime Pinnacle Speakers

    "Very impressed! The prime pinnacles are versatile and great for music, movies and everyday TV watching. Overall, these are great speakers in a multi-channel environment."
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  • HiFi Voice (Czechoslovakia) Reviews the Prime Pinnacle Loudspeaker

    “Prime Pinnacle are universally "bombastic", they can play great soundtracks of modern films, contemporary, pop and rock with authority. For clarity and intelligibility, they are great with a very open middle range. Plays energetically and lively and excel with an overall feeling of dynamism - their sound is strong and full. They also "pull" nicely from the bottom and do not require a subwoofer.”
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  • Prime Pinnacle Earns Enjoy The Music's "Blue Note 2020" Award

    “Clear, tight, deep and downright wondrous. If you are looking for a speaker that does music and HT equally well, the Pinnacle is an absolute no brainer.”
  • New Record Day Reviews the Prime Pinnacle Tower Speaker

    “Truly a versatile speaker. No matter what gear you have or what room you listen in, it’s like clay, you can mold it to sound great. Plenty of reveling detail, deep and powerful bass and never a hint of listening fatigue. A smooth presentation from top to bottom, hats off to the engineers.”
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