Free Streaming Content for Social Distancing

Free and Fresh Streaming Content to Combat Social Distancing.

One of the great challenges of social distancing is finding ways to keep yourself entertained. A silver lining of the times we’re living in is that artists, content services and streaming providers are stepping up with live streams, surprise releases and more to provide some immersive fun and a mental escape, with more popping up every day. Because we at SVS love all genres of music and all types of content, we compiled a list of options we’re excited about over the next few weeks.

A lot of these were just announced in the past few days and more are being shared every day so we’d love for you to add any additional live stream events, TV shows, movies etc in the comments so everyone can benefit. These opportunities may not last long and it’s a cool way to stay connected given how music and entertainment can bring people together.

Streaming Content Round-up:

  • Watch & Listen to music all day long now! Music Video DJs on Twitch is 24/7 online stations with the best video DJs from all over the world. These DJs are spinning music live but also showing the videos of the songs that they’re playing and doing it in such a way that as they scratch the music, the videos transition back and forth simultaneously. A truly great way to experience your favorite music.
    One of the featured DJs is DJ Deluxe hailing from NYC (Instagram @deluxeonline), the pioneer of the video remix, who spins every Thursday night 10-11 PM EST.
    Check it out here!
  • For all our SVS’ers that are also SiriusXM subscribers, this Friday Rock The Bells Radio presents a Town Hall with The Beastie Boys & LL Cool J. Let’s hope that along with the decades of music we’re sure they’ll speak to, they also play some music as well. Don’t miss it April 17th at 7PM ET.
  • Radiohead is live streaming two concerts they performed in the past but are showing for the first time publicly. You can check them out on the band’s YouTube channel.
  • Billboard has also curated a list of streaming music available here.
  • #verzuz brought to you by @therealswizzz and @timbaland give you the latest segment in their ongoing 20 song a piece battle series featuring the legendary @rza vs @djpremier this Saturday, March 11th at 9PM ET on Instagram. This is going to be a close one!
  • BABYMETAL, a Japanese kawaii metal band, will be preforming two live concerts on the 10th and 11th available on YouTube.
  • Bob Dylan released his first track since 2012, a 17-minute masterpiece called Murder Most Foul that Rolling Stone describes as, “…an impressionistic, elegiac, increasingly apocalyptic journey through what feels like the entire Sixties (complete with references to the Who’s Tommy, Woodstock, and Altamont) and then perhaps all of 20th-century America, especially its music.” Definitely worth a listen, and not just for Dylan fans.
  • Stereophile put together a list of options for How To Help Musicians that includes relief funds, how to support independent musicians, how streaming services are helping and more.
  • One of our all-time favorite bands, NIN (Nine Inch Nails), just today released a two-part album that you can stream or download for free. Info on where you can hear Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts is on the NIN website.
  • Another SVS favorite, Pearl Jam, just today released their new album Gigaton, which you can stream for free from nearly any music service.
  • The iHeart Radio Living Room Concert for America is a pop spectacle scheduled for March 29 at 9p.m. ET that will appeal to a wide audience. Hosted by Sir Elton John, it will also feature performances from artists including Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish (another SVS favorite), Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Mariah Carey and Tim McGraw, from their own living rooms.
  • Netflix just announced they will start streaming Season 3 of its popular Ozark on March 27. The news season has been described by The Daily Beast as “darker and more addictive than ever” so if you’ve never checked it out, now is a good time to start binging.
  • NPR just published at home featuring a a range of artists, including: EDM artist Diplo, the Barenaked Ladies, rapper Young Ra, Ben Folds, Jack Johnson, The Vienna State Opera, Tinashe, jazz pianist Fred Hersch and a lot more. Many of these were just announced and more will be added so check back.
  • Sound & Vision gave some options for How to Watch First-Run Movies at Home and Extend Free Streaming Trials with various promo codes and video on demand options that have been fast-tracked in the wake of movie theaters closing.
  • Popular audio magazine Stereophile published an excellent curated list of live jazz, opera, cello, orchestra and other performances coming soon in a round-up they are dubbing, Streaming Salvation for the Sequestered.
  • Billboard began livestreaming performances from musicians’ homes on the magazine’s Facebook page. Luke Bryan, Josh Groban and Skip Marley have all also performed and each artist will donate proceeds to a charity of their choice. Check their page for continuous updates on new artists appearing.
  • Not specifically a concert, but popular AV site Audioholics has a forum thread that lists an assortment of links to Free Legal High Resolution Music Downloads if you’re looking to test some higher quality streaming on your system.
  • Rock n’ Roll legend Neil Young posted a second Fireside Sessions concert on his official archives website. Like the first edition, it was taped at the Telluride, Colorado and features some rare tracks and classics from his extensive collection presented in a very personal way.
  • CNET built a massive list of Free Entertainment to Survive Coronavirus Social Distancing that includes free PC games, streaming TV and movies, exercise classes, magazines, ebooks/audiobooks, virtual museum tours, guitar lessons and more.
  • Live theater fans might be interested to know that Tony-award winning Lin Manuel Miranda released a previously unheard track from his smash hit Hamilton that is available to stream on Soundcloud.
  • A local music venue in Fort Worth, TX called Main at Sound Side is doing a series of live concerts on Facebook every night around 8pm Central and calling it “The Social Distancing Concert Series”. It’s also the place where our very own National Training Manager #TheLarry met his wife. Any donations the venue receives from broadcasts goes to pay their staff during this time. There’s a ton of these types of streams happening all over the country and it’s a great way to help keep your local music scene alive, so look to see what’s happening in your neighborhood and support local music!
  • Sports fans can get their fix of streaming older games amidst all the league shutdowns and this Wall Street Journal article does a good job of highlighting many of the options since both the NFL and NBA have removed paywalls for their own subscription services.
  • Also in the sports world, SVS President Gary Yacoubian, an ardent Washington National fan would like you to know that the 2019 World Series game 7 clincher is being rebroadcast on, along with 30 other classic games as part of the network’s “Opening Day at Home” lineup.
  • For you poetry fans, Patrick Stewart, of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, has taken to Twitter daily to read an assortment of his favorite sonnets in a series he is calling #ASonnetaDay.
  • Rick Astley is performing a live version of his classic “Never Gonna Give You Up” on YouTube on a continuous loop for three hours straight. JK, haha, but you should still go watch the video and instantly feel better.
  • Sound & Vision gave some options for How to Watch First-Run Movies at Home and Extend Free Streaming Trials with various promo codes and video on demand options that have been fast-tracked in the wake of movie theaters closing.

Please leave additional links in the comments for free content or live streamed music events and we’ll do our best to keep this list up to date as more emerges. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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