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David in Laredo, TX

When the music and movies you enjoy are best enjoyed at reference volumes, you owe it to yourself to invest in a high performance audio system that can play loud without distorting or losing control. Such is the case with David from Texas, who enjoys feeling the sonic impact of action movies and his newfound musical genre of “metal step”. After starting with a pair of Prime Towers and dual PB13-Ultra Subwoofers, David realized his open concept living room/kitchen was just a bit too large for the mighty Primes, so he took advantage of the SVS Customer Bill of Rights trade-up program to bring in the even mightier Ultra Tower speakers. Now, his house is filled with all the sonic slam and detail he could ever hope for and friends know where to come for movie night.

The Setup:

  • Denon 7.2 3100w AV Receiver
  • Media Bridge 14-gauge wire with Sewell banana connectors

Questions And Answers:

When did you first get into high performance audio?

I just always loved listening to music and at the same time wanted to have a nice home theater set-up so I could feel like I was at the movies. I’ve never really had high end gear, but knew it was something I wanted because I’m discovering new kinds of music and trying to get the best experience possible. I also have a large living room that flows into the kitchen, so it’s a lot of space to fill, but it’s also a great area for entertaining, so I knew if I could get the right set-up, it would really be an awesome place to experience music and movies with friends.

You initially had the Prime Tower speakers, but traded up to the Ultra Tower speakers. Why did you do that and what was the process like?

I had the Prime Towers for a couple weeks, but because it’s such a large room, I realized I needed slightly more powerful main speakers to blend with the dual PB13-Ultras to truly energize the entire listening area. The Primes sounded great, but I could tell the difference right away after moving to the Ultra Towers. Music was just a bit more revealing and action movie scenes just had a bit more punch and they just blended perfectly with the ported subwoofers.

The process to trade up was super easy. I just called up SVS and one of the guys arranged to have the Ultras sent out and then called back when they arrived to arrange the return of the Primes. I boxed them up, attached the labels and a pickup came within 24 hours. Two days later, I had my money back. I was surprised how easy it was.

What impact have the subwoofers and Ultra Speakers had on the overall performance of your system, versus what you had before?

Since I’ve never really had a high end system, the difference is huge. None of my friends have anything close to what I’m running and they’re all blown away when they see and hear it. I like to listen to a lot of rock, hip-hop and metal and recently picked up on a new kind of music called metal step, and it all just sounds awesome in a way I can’t even describe. I generally like to listen pretty loud and I can only explain it by saying it has a kind of controlled intensity I wasn’t getting before.

With movies, I love Transformers, Lord of the Rings and anything with action and it’s actually better now than actually going to theater. You don’t just hear it like with surround sound, you feel it. There’s just way more impact and it just feels cleaner.

What made you choose SVS audio gear?

I just took my time reading reviews and researching. I had never heard of SVS initially, but the quality looked amazing and was backed up by the reviews so it made it easier to decide. Plus, with the program to send them back and trade up (which ended up being REALLY important), I just sort of came to the conclusion.

Why is having a home theater important to you?

Just being able to have fun and call friends over and have that awesome experience every day and enjoy it a home with non-strangers, rather than going somewhere.

Anything else you’d like to share with the SVS community?

There’s no too many companies that offer awesome customer service and great quality products, it was really a huge difference over everything else I’ve seen. I actually have a pair of Prime Satellite speakers that I still need to set-up and I’m looking at the Ultra surrounds as well, so I’m not done yet.

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