Subwoofer Bass
from Above at the Cave Bar & Grill

We’ve seen some pretty creative installations of SVS subwoofers – in the wall, behind a screen, inside a chair, but this sports bar installation by Primetime Audio Video in Rockford, IL may top them all. After a fire destroyed The Cave Bar & Grill, a local watering hole institution in Byron, IL; the owners were determined to come back bigger, better and stronger than ever. With an upswell of community support, the owner bought the building next store and brought in the team from Primetime Audio Video to install an AV system that would differentiate them from the competition. That’s when things got fun.

After assorting an array of architectural speakers throughout the building, Dirk Dutton, one of the owners of Primetime had an interesting idea.

“During the weekends, The Cave gets packed so I wanted to give them something special that would make people turn their heads and really feel the music in a more impactful way,” Dutton said.

His solution, a pair of PC-2000 subwoofers mounted overhead and raining deep, effortless bass from the rafters. It just so happened that the narrow cylinder form factor and sturdy cabinet construction of the PC-2000 made it a perfect candidate. After some quick measurements, the Primetime team corner loaded and securely hung the two subwoofers from the ceiling via eyebolts and chains.

“There was nowhere to really put a subwoofer on the floor. Plus, there’s no other subwoofer that could deliver close to the output and sound quality of the PC-2000s and still be safely mounted on the wall or ceiling. Plus, it needed to be able to handle reference playback levels for 6-8 hours at a time,” Dutton continued.

The owner was only made aware of the plan after seeing a Primetime AV team installer rolling in with a massive fabric covered cylinder on his shoulder and a big grin on his face.

“He had no idea what it was, but when we got the subwoofer mounted and fired up the system for the first time and he felt how much deeper and fuller the soundstage was, he was hooked. We were only going to hang one PC-2000 originally, but after hearing it, he demanded a second,” said Dutton.

SVS is proud to be partners with the imaginative team from Primetime Audio Video for daring to go where no AV installers have gone before; with a 50 lb. subwoofer mounted to the ceiling.

If you’re in Illinois and have the opportunity to visit Primetime Audio Video or The Cave Bar & Grille in Byron, we hear the bass is excellent.

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