Outlet Store Quality Assurance Gauntlet

On the rare occasion when products are returned because of our 45-Day Risk-Free In-home Trial, or for some other reason, they are often re-sold in the SVS Outlet Store in like-new condition at a discount. Before being listed, every single speaker and subwoofer must go through a rigorous six-step quality assurance process in our Youngstown, Ohio headquarters, which we have aptly nicknamed “The Gauntlet”. This final pre-shipping inspection is one reason why SVS is known for being at the top for quality assurance standards in the audio world.

When browsing the outlet store, you can buy with confidence knowing we examine every driver, amplifier and cabinet to make sure it arrives in perfect working condition. If we find any cosmetic flaws, we list them in the notes of each product listing so you know exactly what you’re getting. And every product is backed by a 5-Year Unconditional Warranty and the rest of our SVS Customer Bill of Rights.

The Gauntlet

Step 1 - Carton Inspection

Open product carton and inspect contents to ensure that all of the appropriate contents are inside including the manual quick start guide, instruction manual, power cord, port plugs, grille and all packaging. Replace anything that’s missing if needed.

Step 2 – Acoustic Testing

This process includes running a full frequency sweep through the speaker or subwoofer, and measuring the response with a specially designed microphone to make sure it performs exactly to spec. A separate test is run to ensure proper polarity at which time we also inspect all the connections and controls to ensure full functionality.

Step 3 – Cabinet Airtight and Rigidity Test

Every speaker and subwoofer is run at reference volume and tested for air leaks and buzz resulting from loose internal components or cabinet construction.

Step 4 – Cosmetic Evaluation

The physical inspection of our speakers and subwoofers is a meticulous process that involves examining from top to bottom for burn marks, scratches, dents, blemishes or imperfections anywhere on the cabinet.

Step 5 – Component Evaluation

Like the cosmetic evaluation, this is a rigorous physical overview of all the subwoofer parts to ensure it is still in like-new condition.

  • Check driver for correct logo alignment, blemishes, surround flaws, stripped screws and flawless stitching.
  • Inspect amplifier for correct voltage label, matching serial numbers with the carton, scratches or blemishes and stripped screws.
  • Examine grille for blemishes and test fit to the cabinet to ensure smooth and secure installation. Also a cosmetic inspection of the pin cup retention system.

Step 6 – Polish and Buff

For black oak and black ash finishes, the speakers or subwoofers get a final microfiber cloth wipe down to remove any dust, smudges or fingerprints, before they are carefully placed back in the protective sleeves and packaging. Our piano gloss finish products receive an extra polishing and buffing by hand so they arrive to you gleaming and ready to rock the house.

This level of quality control requires an extra investment in time and resources, but there’s nothing more important than ensuring our speakers and subwoofers look and sound their best when they arrive to you. Shop our Outlet Store for the best prices you will ever find on fully warrantied SVS speakers, subwoofers and accessories.

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