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Tom Hambridge , , Grammy® Winning Producer/Songwriter, Buddy Guy, ZZ Top, Lady Antebellum and more

Grammy® winning Producer Tom Hambridge is highly regarded worldwide as a “first call” musician, songwriter, producer and performer. On any given day, Tom might be writing songs for an award-winning blues album, playing drums for a platinum rock n’ roll band or producing a record for an internationally known folk singer. His ability to transcend musical styles with his talents is rare and puts him in a rather unique position.

With all his talents and contributions, Hambridge has made an indelible mark on the world of music. Some of Hambridge’s professional credits include touring, producing, songwriting and recording with: Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, Susan Tedeschi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., Delbert McClinton, Bo Diddley, BB King, Meat Loaf, NRBQ, George Thorogood, Keith Anderson, Billy Ray Cyrus, Boston, Rascal Flatts and many more.

Beyond the music, he is also considered a technical audio expert, someone who not only understands the science that goes into creating great music and sound, but also the artistry of it. With a pair of Ultra Towers playing the new Buddy Guy album he recently produced in the background, Tom answered a few questions about the music industry and the trend towards more immersive audio experiences.

Questions And Answers:

What do you think the future of music has in store from both an artistic and technological perspective?

I am optimistic about the future of music for both artists and music technologists. While technology has brought both plusses and minuses to the business, I’d argue that the benefits of technology can outweigh the downside.

How different is the sound quality between what a producer hears in a studio with an original recording and what the mainstream consumer hears to when listening to an album in any format including vinyl, CD and streaming?

Most people will not be sitting in the perfect sonic spot in the control room at a major recording studio listening to their favorite new song. Also, because there are so many ways that music can be delivered (streaming, downloads, vinyl, terrestrial radio and satellite radio) I prepare for that by monitoring my mixes on many different sound sources to ensure the mastered result sounds best on multiple devices.

Do you believe in the merits of high performance speakers and audio gear? Why or why not?

I do, without question. High performance speakers present the music in the most positive light possible to accentuate the spirit of the music we compose, perform and produce. I need to make certain that I can hear and isolate many specific parts of the music. High quality gear and speakers allow me to do my job better and produce a superior outcome.

What’s something that might surprise people about the music industry?

Even though people don't have to buy music to hear it anymore, artists and music makers are still making some of the best music ever. The passion to create music as an art form is still as strong as ever, and that’s why I am an optimist about the future of the business for new generations of musicians.

What was your reaction after first hearing the SVS Speakers?

I was literally blown away by the musicality that the speakers project with rich and authentic vocals, really great midrange and highs and such lush bass.

How do you feel listening through a high performance system changes the experience for listeners?

Just like how cars ride better on good tires, listeners benefit from a more immersive experience that’s more satisfying – and this applies to music of all genres in my view.

What reaction do you expect from fellow music professionals as they hear your system in the future?

The music professionals that I hang with all appreciate the value of a great presentation and the SVS speakers fill the room with a warm, approachable sound. So I’m sure they will enjoy the experience!

Anything cool you’re working on now that you want to mention?

Besides writing and performing, I just finished producing, writing and playing on a new Buddy Guy album for RCA called “Born to Play Guitar” that features Van Morrison, Joss Stone and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top as well as the new Royal Southern Brotherhood album. It was actually the #1 Blues album in the country for a while (and still might be), and it was an incredible journey and creative process to work with all those legends. I was also invited to be a partner in a new record label, SuperStar Records, and I’ve got a new solo album in the works, which is planned for release later this year on our label.

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