Former Music Teacher “Hearing Everything Now” After Upgrade to SVS

Mike from Calumet, MI

As a former music teacher, Mike E. from Michigan has always had a keen ear for sound, especially when it comes to identifying the proper pitch and tone of musical instruments. When he decided to upgrade the speaker system in his multi-purpose room, he knew there would be challenges based on the size and layout of the space.

After careful research, he built a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system featuring SVS Ultra speakers, a pair of PB-4000 subwoofers, and an assortment of SVS SoundPath audio cables. With discrete amplification for the front and rear channels, and enough bass to energize the large space, Mike had to re-watch (and listen) to all his old content to see just how much he’d been missing. Now, his system and pursuit of the “never-ending hobby” has reached a level of sonic perfection he never thought possible.

The Setup:

  • Emotiva XPR-6 Gen 3 Amplifier (for surrounds and Atmos speakers)
  • Panasonic UB-9000 UHD Blu-Ray Player
  • Pioneer UDP-LX500
  • AppleTV4K delivers all TV and streaming services
  • Eversolo DMP-A6 handles my ripped CD collection and music streaming
  • 3 x AC Infinity Aircom T8 fan units for cooling
  • Logitech Harmony Elite Remote
  • SVS and AudioQuest Cables
  • Panamax M5300-PM Power Conditioners

Questions And Answers:

When/why did you first start getting into high-performance audio and home theater?

I’ve been into music and audio gear since high school. My first home theater-related setup happened many years ago, when I ran a cable from the headphone jack on my old Sony TV over to an input on my receiver, allowing me to hear the TV sound through my audio system. Adding and upgrading gear progressed from there.

How did you hear about SVS?

About 10 years ago, I was interested in adding a subwoofer to my system, and after reading some online reviews, I purchased a PB13-Ultra, which was my first SVS product. I couldn’t believe how much it added to my music listening and movie viewing experiences.

What was the impact of upgrading to SVS vs. what you had previously?

Everything immediately became more immersive; I remember relistening and rewatching everything in my collection to hear the improvements.

In what ways does the subwoofer elevate your listening experience?

I know I’m hearing everything now. I’m not missing anything from the low end of the spectrum. In addition, it takes the strain off of my front stage speakers, allowing them to perform more efficiently.

You have a fairly large/open concept room, did that present any challenges when setting up? How did you overcome?

The room is large (22’x26’) and it is a multipurpose room, with a bar, sofa, and other furniture. It can hold quite a few people for social events and parties. I don’t have the space for a dedicated theater room. The things that contribute most to getting great sound in this room are 1st, the SVS speakers and subs, and 2nd, the Anthem AVM 70 with its built in ARC Genesis room calibration. I previously had AVRs with Audyssey, and the improvement with the Anthem/Arc equipment is astonishing.

Any recommendations for great sounding music, movies, or TV shows people can demo?

For movies, my favorite scenes to demo for friends are the opening to Mad Max: Fury Road, the opening musical number from The Greatest Showman, and some of the combat scenes from Hacksaw Ridge. I also just received the 4K disc version of Mission: Impossible/Dead Reckoning Part One, which has a demo-worthy soundtrack.

For music, I listen to a lot of progressive rock and jazz. Any of the Patricia Barber recordings are excellent demo material. And recently, I purchased the 50th Anniversary remaster of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, with a Dolby Atmos version on Blu-ray. This is one of the most immersive audio recordings I've ever heard.

Why is having an immersive home theater important to you?

I’m a former music teacher, and a lifelong musician, and I’ve always been critical of audio and video quality. It’s really a never-ending hobby, as far as improvements and upgrades are concerned. Also, I live in an area where the winters are long and cold; we often exceed 300 inches of snow up here, so I spend a lot of time indoors with my theater setup, at least for the colder half of the year.

Are those records on the wall? Any backstory there?

I’ve always been a big Beatles fan, and I own a few collectibles; the framed records on the wall are a rare version of the White Album, made from a German metal master on white vinyl.

Anything else you would like to share with the SVS community?

I will always be looking for upgrades and improvements to my system, but I’m pretty sure I will be keeping my SVS speakers and subs for quite a while. They work together well, and sound fantastic in my room. Friends who are not really into home theater or audio will often comment on how great they look, as well.

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