Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are compact loudspeakers ideal for home audio listening given their full-range sound and flexible room placement options. B speakers can be mounted on stands or placed on surfaces like AV furniture, shelves or desks to create an immersive listening experience without giving up valuable floorspace, like with a floorstanding tower speaker.

For sound quality, the best bookshelf speakers exhibit wide dynamic range and effortless output, pinpoint accuracy and neutral voicing that’s true to the source content whether played at reference levels or low volumes.

Bookshelf speakers are also referred to as Reference Monitors and can be used in the nearfield as part of a two-channel stereo system with a turntable, DAC or music server; flex their muscles as Left/Right mains, surrounds; or, even as a center channel speaker in a home theater surround sound system.

Aug 15, 2023