5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound

Most common home theater surround sound configuration. Creates an audible sense of being in the middle of the onscreen action or at a live concert with sound coming from all directions. It consists of five (5) full range speaker channels and one (1) low frequency effects (LFE) channel, handled by a subwoofer. The best 5.1 home theater systems provide a convincing portrayal of what's happening in front of you with smooth sonic transitions and accurate imaging from the front left, front right and center channel speakers. Two surround speakers typically produce ambient background noise and head-spinning effects for a greater feeling of being there, while a powered subwoofer produces low frequencies you can hear and feel. Together, a 5.1 home theater surround sound system creates more thrilling and immersive movie, music, TV and gaming experiences.

Dec 20, 2021