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One Subwoofer to Rule Them All. SVS Obliterates Expectations. Nothing Else Comes Close.

“It's a whole different category. May well be the best subwoofer ever made."


SVS subwoofers stand alone as the reference standard for bass. All SVS subwoofers effortlessly produce the lowest frequencies at the highest output levels while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and speed in transients, and blending seamlessly with all speakers. Music, movies and TV shows become more convincing and every audio experience takes on an added energy and feeling with an SVS subwoofer anchoring the low end.

Video link for 5 Perfromance Attributes of a World Class Subwoofer.

SVS makes a variety of ported and sealed home subwoofers to fit every room, audio system and budget. Our Sound Experts are available 7 days-a-week to help you choose the best powered subwoofer based on your personal set-up and listening preferences.

“The sub can harness its considerable power and release it with speed and precision...It can rattle your house with room-filling low-frequency energy.” - HomeCinemaChoice

"The sound was absolutely extraordinary. No matter where we put them, or the kind of audio we pumped through them, they handled everything brilliantly." - The Master Switch

"Just might get you in trouble with the neighbors or at best make you some new friends." - TONE Audio

"It does everything exceptionally well, never revealing a single weakness." - Home Theater Shack

"I am still blown away by how tight and responsive the bass is. With movies it transforms into a phenomenal monster." - Matthew G.

"… a resounding two thumbs up and are easily one of the smartest audio investments I have ever made." - Mark O.

"The texture and articulation felt great, yet when called upon to bomb the bass, it delivers prodigious output." - Audiophile Apartment

"these are a perfect fit for my setup… they can shake the entire home in a way that I never thought imaginable." - G.B.

"Remarkable. Half the price and easier to set up than most high end subwoofers that have visited my listening room. I heartily recommend." - Stereophile

"I am rarely lost for words, but this sub has me speechless." - TI

"…nothing compares to this sub. Now I need the second one." - Tomasz K.

"It performs great, tests well, and does it all for a great price. Highly Recommended." - Reference Home Theater

"The single best home subwoofer available today." - The Master Switch

"Right out of the box my new SVS sub transformed the sound of my system." - Mark G.

"Impressive low frequency punch. A crazy thrill ride that vibrated my chair and walls." - AVTechReviews

"I'm absolutely blown away by the amazing sounds coming out of this subwoofer." - Daniel I.

"Precision and musicality that is rarely found in subwoofers." - AVForums

"Two words... Freaking amazing!!!!" - Justin W.

"Exemplary…bass with authority and slam that’s defined and informative…The best subwoofer for the money I’ve auditioned." - StereoNet

"What really blows my mind is that something so powerful can be so accurate and blend so smoothly with the other speakers." - Tim

"The SB16 Ultra exceeds what I thought was possible." - R. Pruitt

"The SB2000 can deliver prodigious output…the texture and articulation felt great…the quality of the bass produced is excellent… A very impressive performance." - TONEAudio

"SVS deserves a grand thank you for designing and producing such a fine and innovative product. As they say – This one is a game changer!" - Patrick P.

"Presents a soundstage that didn’t exist before." - Reference Home Theater

"Best Subwoofers under $1,000" - Sound & Vision

"You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bass value." - Sound & Vision

"If there is a more perfect subwoofer in production today, we haven’t heard it." - Digital Trends

"It's a whole different category of low-frequency sound." - Home Theater Review

"Effortless, raw physical power and nary a trace of distortion." -

"Amazing, no brainer to recommend." - Soundstage

"Far and away the deepest and most detailed sub I've had the pleasure of listening to." - Big Picture Big Sound

"A subwoofer that punches well above its weight, delivering deep bass and real impact." - AV Forums

"Astonished me with its depth and clarity…I’m not sure there’s a better value today in audio." - Good Sound

"Reproduced rippling, subterranean bass notes that go from audible to sensory. Best subwoofer I’ve heard." - PC World

"It reached the deepest notes with ease, and was very crisp and clear the whole time. Did I mention it was smooth? It was oh so smooth." - Home Theater Shack

"Pitch perfect…on my list of recommended subwoofers." - Stereophile

"Audio purists will cry tears of joy at its lightning fast accuracy." - Best Stuff

"Demolishes all offerings at its price point." - Enjoy the Music

"If not for these subs, half of the experience would be missed." - Home Theater Shack

"It beats going to the movie theaters hands down! Amazing....simply amazing" - Francis V.

"This is everything I want in a home theater sub." -

"I could feel the remarkably deep bass notes in the score reverberate through my bones…it startled me." - High Def Digest

"It will get your house shaking…thumps and stomps your chest and doesn’t break a sweat." - Reference Home Theater

"It was so good I had to hear it again and again to make sure I wasn't fooling myself." - Home Theater Forum

"Big explosions were full-throated and well controlled…nuance, power and slam all in one package." - Home Theater Hifi

"It will amaze you and electrify your movie and music experience… look no further than SVS." - Nicholas

"The ultimate in bass pleasure." - Digital Trends

"Bass response that I could literally feel in my sternum. It shook the house!" - Sound & Vision

"You can feel it in your chest. Movies explode, delight and frighten just a little more with a lower sub sonic signature." - Audiohead

"It thumped, pounded, and beat its way into my nerdy heart." - Game Tyrant

"Exemplary. The best subwoofer for the money I’ve auditioned in the last decade." - Stereonet

"I now think of subwoofers a little differently." - J. S.

"Delivers a strong feeling of fear, respect and also wonderful feeling of shock and awe." - Edward

"I was blown away with the solid low extensions and explosive impact!" - R. Clemons

"So delicate when it needs to be, yet so immensely powerful when the time is right." - Zodiarkk

"Wow doesn't cut it. It is hands down the best sub I have ever heard." - Lens Portraits

"No words can describe the magnitude of excellence this subwoofer emits." - Simon B.

"It has taken my home theater in to a new level." - Sleepyheads

"Loud as hell and accurate with lows that literally scare me!!" - Willie

"Great with both music and home theater, will knock your socks off!" - Goku

"I can't even explain how amazing and accurate the bass from this sub is." - Tara Quirin

"NOTHING even comes close to the power, feel, and subtlety to fill in what you never knew was missing from, well everything!" - Robert

"It will amaze you and electrify your movie and music experience… look no further than SVS." - Nicholas

"Could not be happier with the new sub. Far exceeded expectations! Rock On!" - Gman

"Handles the lowest frequencies with an ease that borders on eerie." - The Master Switch

"The whole setup is excellent with the sub handling all of the lows as if it were a work of art." - P. L.

"Every once and a while something comes along that totally blows your socks off. Best sub I ever had and heard. Great job SVS." - Ross A.

"Subtle but punchy with music and then roars to life with movies… the best home theater purchase I've ever made!" - A. Flores

"Music is handled effortlessly, movies are just breathtaking! Could not be more satisfied!" - Jerry S.

"Replaced an older sub that was 1.5x the size and puts it to shame. Thanks so much!" - Dewey

"I just love the responsive, natural bass. SVS made me happy." - Evomm

"Far superior in every way. It makes my whole system sound better. SVS you are awesome!!!" - Jay

"All I can say is WOW!! I really feel I bought the best subwoofer available." - Tom C.

"The sound was incredible. The air pulsed and the floor shook - but was not over the top. Again, it was super tight and clean bass." - Jeremy W.

Row of awards won by SVS.
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SVS Customer Bill of Rights

We stand behind our products with the industry’s most comprehensive policies and guarantees that make it easy, risk-free and rewarding to be a lifelong listener. Some of these rights include:

Lifetime SVS Sound Experts Support

Need a hand with AV system set-up, troubleshooting, or calibration? Our SVS Sound Experts want to hear from you and are available seven days a week via chat, phone, or email to assist with all your home theater or audio system needs.

SVS Subwoofer Design Philosophy

The essence of our design philosophy is driven by five key performance objectives that elevate SVS Subwoofers above all others. This essence is revealed with every visceral and emotionally charged moment that only SVS can deliver. From startlingly realistic high impact movie sound effects to the subtlest musical details, it’s like hearing everything for the first time.

A powered subwoofer is a purpose-built speaker designed to exclusively deliver bass, yet it may be the most important single part of any home theater. Subwoofers exploit the non-directionality of human low frequency perception by creating bass for all the other speakers in a 2-channel stereo or home theater surround sound system.

Bass is critically important to the enjoyment of any music or cinematic content. It contains sounds that a listener hears and more importantly feels, and is a huge part of the immediacy, excitement, and emotional impact of our favorite music and movie content. To unleash a truly convincing and immersive audio experience, the amplifier, driver and cabinet each must do their jobs properly.

Whereas choosing a full-range loudspeaker is a highly personal and subjective decision based on appearance, sound attributes and more, choosing the best home theater subwoofer is a completely objective process. To be great, it must do its job in five highly objective and easily understood ways:

  1. Massively Deep Low Frequency Extension – This may seem obvious, but the truth is, many powered subwoofers can’t reproduce the deepest low frequencies, down to 20Hz (the threshold of human hearing) and below, so they attempt to make up for it by exaggerating the mid-bass performance to address the deficit. This results in boomy, one-note bass and a less convincing experience because it robs the listener of hearing and feeling what the artist or director really intended to present in the music, movie or other content. Whether possessing an 8-inch, 12-inch or 16-inch driver, it should produce the deepest notes with ease, sometimes at frequencies so low they can only be felt!
  2. Produce Deep Bass at the Highest Sound Pressure Levels (SPLs) – The best powered subwoofers play effortlessly loud and distortion free, no matter how demanding the source material. Unlike passive speakers, subwoofers are self-contained ecosystems and make their own volume adjustments when a stereo or home theater system is cranked up. Cheap versions use amplifier limiting to cap output, resulting in the bass “disappearing” at the moment you want the most sonic impact. This is meant to save it from damaging the driver or amp, but it creates a deflating experience. The best sounding subwoofers perform flawlessly at massive volume levels without clipping or bottoming out.
  3. Crisp Speed in Transients – This is frequently described as the ability to “stop and start on a dime.” Speed in musical and cinematic transients are important because it means the subwoofer can keep pace with content with no bloat, overhang or smearing. Poorly designed models have difficulty keeping up with full range speakers when complex musical basslines, aggressive movie action scenes and other full range content is unleashed, which results in a loss of detail and believability. SVS home theater subwoofers stop playing bass at the precise moment they’re supposed to and kick back in at the perfect moment so the sound is indistinguishable from the speaker output and everything plays in perfect unison, whether used in a 5.1 surround sound or audiophile stereo system. Transient speed is especially important for music.
  4. Pinpoint Accurate Frequency Response – Proper bass should only include the exact frequencies you’re supposed to hear in the exact proportion contained in the source with complete faithfulness to the movie, music or other content. This is a hugely important factor in creating a convincing and believable home theater experience because it reflects what the artist or director intended you to hear and feel in its purest form without coloration or distortion.
  5. Blend Seamlessly with Full Range Speakers – No one wants to hear only bass in their home audio system. Proper home theater audio is about creating a total experience where the home theater subwoofer serves as the low frequency foundation but never draws attention to the bass alone. Bass is omni-directional and should energize or pressurize a room without overwhelming the soundstage or announcing its location and presence in a distracting way. It should always add a powerful and tactile sonic element that can’t be ignored, but always complement overall audio system performance.

From infectious bass guitar riffs and drum beats to attention-grabbing action movie and TV surround sound effects, a subwoofer unleashes low frequency content a loudspeaker is not equipped to handle. And while lesser models simply add more bass, the best powered subwoofers elevate the listening experience in a unique and visceral way so everything you listen to sounds and feels more convincing and immersive, as if you’re onstage or in the middle of the action.

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“Competes with top-performing subs costing twice or more their price. Very Highly Recommended.”

-Sound & Vision

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